Training and Courses

Helping runners and Run Leaders develop their running and running group leadership skills.

Courses available

RunTogether and England Athletics offers a number of courses to help Runners and Run Leaders develop their running and running group leadership skills.

All our running programmes are certified by UK Athletics, the National Governing Body for Athletics and Running in the United Kingdom.


Training available

RunTogether offers bespoke running training for RunTogether Runners and Run Leaders. Dates for training sessions are always promoted through our RunTogether e-newsletter, social media and website when available.

Running training sessions take place via a variety of formats and occasions:

Training topics covered:

  • How to use the RunTogether digital platforms e.g. Run Leader and Runner apps, how to set up your groups, sessions and group web page online
  • Marketing support
  • Social media support
  • Specialist running expert sessions e.g. nutrition, mental health

2021 RunTogether webinars

Upcoming Run Leader webinars on all new topics are listed below. All you need to do is to click the register link and turn up!

  • Tuesday 10 August 6.30pm: Monthly webinar (Safeguarding)
    The webinar aims to help Leaders understand what RunTogether groups should have in place for safeguarding. The session will explore any potentials challenges that the group or leaders may have in relation to safeguarding and formulate an action plan to overcome them. It will also provide information so that participants understand how to access further support to help groups and leaders with safeguarding. It takes place on Wednesday 10 August at 6.30pm. Just click the registration link and turn up!
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  • Tuesday 14 September 6.30pm: Monthly webinar (Inclusive delivery)
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We also have 'Running tips and advice' here on our website.