Setting up a RunTogether Group

Step 1 - Choosing a Group name

If you are setting up a running group with RunTogether, please note that names can be up to 30 characters (including letters, spaces and punctuation). To avoid confusion, we ask that no two groups share the same name, therefore if your first choice group name is already being used by a RunTogether Group you will be asked to choose a different group name. 

Once you've selected a name for your running group, simply email support@runtogether.co.uk to request that your RunTogether group is set up on the website.

Please include your name, date of birth (to help us find your LiRF licence) and preferred group name in the email. A member of the RunTogether team will check that your preferred group name is available and confirm back to you.

Step 2 - Setting up your Group website page

Once your group name has been confirmed, you will receive an email containing the URL address of your new RunTogether group (for example, Dan’s Plodders would be groups.runtogether.co.uk/DansPlodders) and further instructions to help you set up your RunTogether Group page.

Please note, whilst your running group name and logo can contain punctuation, URLs never include punctuation.


Step 3 - Adding run sessions to your Group page

You're up and running! Once you've decided on the time, day, distance, routes and type of runner you're aiming at (get me started, keep me going or challenge me), you can add your running training sessions to your group page, where runners will be able to book online. If you decide to charge for your runs, we have set up a simple online payment system that you can use to help make this easier for you and your runners.


Step 4 - Promote your group runs

When starting a running group, we offer the following free support to help you promote it:

  • Individual RunTogether Group logo 
  • Marketing templates, including posters, banners, business cards
  • Social media toolkit to help you set up and use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram effectively 

Step 5 - Download your FREE Run Leader app

Use the Run Leader app and website to keep track of the runs you have organised, check-in your runners as they arrive for your runs and keep your runners informed about what your group is up to. The app also gives you access to emergency medical and contact details of your runners, in case you should ever need them.

If you would like to learn more about starting a running group or are interested in becoming a RunTogether Group Leader, contact our friendly team on 0121 347 6543 or email us at support@runtogether.co.uk today.

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