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#RunAndTalk Week 2023

#RunAndTalk is BACK for 2023!

The much awaited #RunAndTalk Week in partnership with Mind is back for 2023. This year’s week incorporates World Mental Health Day on 10 October, a day to celebrate but also to take stock and check in on yourself and your own mental health.

What is #RunAndTalk?

This year’s #RunAndTalk week will take place from Monday 9 October to Sunday 15 October. During this week affiliated clubs, RunTogether groups, schools, universities, and other organisations are encouraged to host a #RunAndTalk run.

Instead of striving for extra mileage or quick speeds, the focus of the run is to enable runners to talk. Whether chatting about their mental health journey or about what they’re having for dinner, it is all about breaking down the mental health stigma and giving people the platform to talk in a safe environment with a listening ear.

Statistics show that one in five adults have experienced depressive symptoms compared to one in ten before the Pandemic*. It is no secret that running can have fantastic physical benefits, but it is amazing how much better people can feel mentally for having the chance to run and talk!

*Office of National Statistics 2021


How can you take part?

This year we have made it even easier than ever before to take part in #RunAndTalk! You can either incorporate #RunAndTalk into your club’s usual weekly schedule by welcoming runners to take it a little steadier and talk, or you can host a dedicated #RunAndTalk session.

The fantastic thing about #RunAndTalk week is you don’t need to adjust what you already have planned if you don’t wish to.

Do you have a Sunday long run programmed in for the week? That is perfect! Help those miles tick away with friendly faces and conversation – it may help a fellow runner in more ways than increasing their endurance, you may have one interaction which could turn their whole week around.

With #RunAndTalk Week, we are passionate about enabling all people to get involved, not just keep it a secret within our fantastic network of affiliated clubs and RunTogether groups but to open to local communities across England. We’re encouraging you to open your doors and welcome new runners to not only break down the mental health stigma, but to also spread the positive message around running together.


Find a #RunAndTalk Week run

#RunAndTalk week is from Monday 9 October to Sunday 15 October. Find your local run by using the search box below.

Not sure where to start?

Whether you are a club, group, or a runner we have useful guides to support you with all things RunTogether. These include information on how to host your own run, some logistical support as well as top tips for promoting your run in your local area.

Keeping connected

If you are hosting your own run, we would love to see it and share! Make sure you tag in England Athletics or RunTogether, and also use #RunAndTalk so we can see.