Run Leader Frequently Asked Questions

Can a running club set up a RunTogether Group?

Absolutely. RunTogether Groups have been created to encourage more people to run with others, particularly beginner runners who (we know from our research) often don’t see themselves as ‘good enough’ at running to join a club.

England Athletics encourage all running clubs to use the tools provided by RunTogether to set up groups to provide an accessible route for new runners interested in starting to run. If your club is interested in setting up a RunTogether Group, click below for instructions on how to do so.

Set up a RunTogether Group Today

Why do I need to do a 'Safeguarding' course?

Why is the course needed?

The Safeguarding training will help ensure all children, young people and adults at risk within the sport are protected, as well as giving coaches increased skills to ensure that they have good practice in place and deal with safeguarding situations that do arise. It has been devised specifically for runners and athletics using UKA’s existing welfare policies and procedures, so all examples are relevant to the sport. 

How is it done? What is involved – pre, during, post?

The online nature of the training allows coaches to complete it in their own time and choice of location. The course comes in two online modules, each of which is followed by a 10-question multiple choice assessment. Each assessment has questions related to subjects that have been fully covered in the training that has been provided. There is a 70% pass mark for each section and people are able to retake the assessment, with candidates able to retake a stage if necessary. The safeguarding course also comes with supporting downloadable resources, and all the content is specific to people coaching in athletics and running. As well as supporting the online training the downloadable resources can be referred to by leaders or coaches whenever needed in the future.

How to book? Cost & how to pay?

The cost of the course is £10. To book and complete the safeguarding module, you will need to login to AthleticsHub using your username (your URN) and your password.

• Go to 'Qualifications and CPD' down the left-hand side
• Use the drop-down menu to find 'Safeguarding' and book on to the course.
• Once you are booked on, you can go to 'Online Courses' and 'Go To MyLearning' down the left-hand side of the page. This will open a new webpage (Moodle) where you will be able to complete your safeguarding module.

What’s the difference between a RunTogether Group and a running club?

Typically, running groups are a great way to start running with others if you don’t feel like a running club is for you at the moment. Groups generally operate less formally than running clubs. They often run a range of different pace sessions, which may start with a walk-run session, with the aim of building up to run for longer. However, some groups will offer faster paced / longer sessions, often as their runners gain experience and fitness.

Most RunTogether Groups do not charge an annual membership, although there may be a small charge per session, depending on the leader and facilities used by the group.

Many running clubs set up 'Get Me Started' RunTogether Groups as a friendly, accessible way to invite new runners to try running with them.

Can I organise dog running (Canicross) activities?

Canicross isn’t unfortunately recognised by UK Athletics and therefore, the UKA public liability policy which covers all qualified run leaders and coaches does not apply to Canicross activities. Runners should also not be accompanied by a dog when taking part in runs.

Should a visually impaired runner approach you about running with their guide dog, please note this is allowed. You can also direct the runner to our Find a Guide service and introduce them to a local guide runner.


I just qualified as a run leader, is there any support I can receive from RunTogether?

Definitely, we have a bank of resources you can use and also a network of Run Leader Mentors who can help if you are starting out. All Mentors are  experienced run leaders and coaches who currently run successful RunTogether groups and are happy to share their experiences and expertise. Please click here and type in your postcode to find your nearest Run Leader Mentor. Simply send them a message to discuss any ideas, questions or issues you might have or to arrange a call or a meeting with them!

The Run Leader App

How do I download the Run Leader app?

The Run Leader app is completely free and is available to any Run Leader operating a RunTogether Group.

What do I do if I can’t log in or use the Run Leader app?

If you are having any issues with logging in or using either app, please contact us on and we will help you to log in and start using the app.


Waiting list functionality is now available on RunTogether runs

Waiting List

This means that you have the option to turn on waiting list functionality for your runs, allowing runners to be notified if someone cancels and a place becomes available on one of your group runs. The waiting list functionality can be turned on via the admin area when you create your run and can be set to automatic or manual.

Automatic means that even if your session is fully booked, runners will still be able to search for your run and register to go on the waiting list for that session.

If a place becomes available on the session due to a cancellation, the next runner on the waiting list will be automatically invited to the session. The runner will receive an email prompting them to accept or decline the invitation. If they decline or fail to respond within 48 hours, the next runner on the list will be invited onto the session. If they accept they will be directed to the checkout page where they will need to provide further details and payment.

Manual means that even if your session is fully booked, runners will still be able to search for your run and register to go on the waiting list for that session.

If a place becomes available on the session due to a cancellation, the run leader will need to select the runner they wish to invite from the waiting list to attend the session. The runner will receive an email prompting them to accept or decline the invitation. If they decline the place or fail to respond within 48 hours, the run leader will be prompted to invite another runner. If they accept they will be directed to the checkout page where they will need to provide further details and payment.

The waiting list functionality is currently only available to use via the website but will be added to both the run leader and runner apps later this year.

I am experiencing issues with the Run Leader app. What do I do?

We are really sorry for any issues you might be experiencing with the App.

• In the first instance, please log-out and log-back in to the App

• Go to ‘Settings’ and click the ‘Reset data and sync’ button.

• Once that’s done, go back to ‘My Schedule’ where you can refresh the App.

Still having problems? Please email

Can I charge for my runs?

Whilst many Run Leaders offer free sessions to runners, some Run Leaders charge a small fee to cover costs of running the group.

• If you wish to charge cash payments: when creating a run, tick the ‘allow cash payments’ box and set a cost for the run.

• If you wish to charge online payments; go to the admin area of your account and the ‘runs’ section, there you will find an option to ‘set-up your stripe’ account, which will link to your RunTogether page. When creating a run, tick the 'allow card payment's option. Stripe will deduct 25p per transaction + 2.8% for UK cards and 4.3% for international cards or American Express

Ages of runners taking part in RunTogether Groups

Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF)

England Athletics provides qualified Run Leaders with insurance cover that includes being able to cater for runners aged 12 years old and above.

Any Run Leader holding a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification will not be insured for runners under 12 years of age.

England Athletics does not recommend that children under 12 years of age take part in RunTogether Group runs. If asked, a RunTogether Group Leader should inform the parent / guardian of this recommendation, and that the group sessions are not designed to cater for younger participants. If a parent or guardian wishes to ignore this recommendation, then the Group Leader should inform them that they (the Group Leader) cannot be responsible for them during the session they have planned, as they are not appropriate for the child. The child in such case becomes the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian in any subsequent RunTogether session.

Level 2 Coach /Athletics Coach

Coaches holding a level 2 Athletics qualification or above or Athletics Coach qualification are covered to lead sessions for children aged 8 and above, however, if a Coach is operating a RunTogether Group we still advise that they only accept children aged 12 years and above.

There are a number of reasons why we advocate RunTogether Groups only cater for those aged 12 years and above; this relates to the athlete development philosophy that England Athletics and UK Athletics endorse.

More information regarding the growing child and coaching children, can be found HERE

Why am I unable to host a group in Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland?

RunTogether is an England Athletics initiative; our funding sources guide our work to be focused on delivering programmes in England only, however the other home nations have local programmes to support their communities:

Jog Scotland
Run Wales
Northern Ireland Athletics Pathways


Do you provide training plans?

We have three training plans for 'Get Me Started', 'Keep Me Going' and 'Challenge me' they can all be found under the Run Leader support page.

Where can I find your monthly news?

Each month we send out an e-newsletter to all our registered Run Leaders, this should come straight to your mailbox. Not receiving them? Not to worry, simply email and we will add you to the mailing list. In the interim, all our monthly news can be found below.

How do I nominate my group for the GOTM title?

Each month we award one RunTogether group with the 'GOTM' title to be in with the chance of winning, email  with your group name, a short piece about your group and some photos!

How do I get a reflective vest?

We are sorry to advise that we can no longer provide reflective vests free of charge. 

If you choose to buy one, you can do so via the online store which is now part of the RunTogether marketing hub.

IN2_3711.jpg (2)

Can I order reflective vests for my group?

Yes qualified Run/Group Leaders can order vests in batches of 10 HERE


How do I order personalised RunTogether t-shirts for my runners?

RunTogether t-shirts can be ordered in batches of 10 from HERE

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Where can I download marketing resources?

There are a number of free marketing templates and resources available for Run Leaders, including:

  • Poster templates
  • Congratulations Certificates
  • Business card templates
  • Roadside banner templates
  • High quality images
  • Social media toolkit
  • The templates can be personalised with your group information, then you can either download them for free and print them at home or order printed copies at a cost. 

You can access these from the marketing portal below, you will need to create a new account the first time you enter (login details are not the same as your RunTogether login). 

Access Marketing Resources Here

How do I create a RunTogether print cloud account?

Run Leaders have access to a wide range of marketing materials, from our RunTogether print cloud page. You will need to register an account to allow you access to this portal. You can do so by clicking the link below (ensure you select 'Run Leader' when creating the account) 


Do you have printable posters/congratulations certificates?

Run Leaders have access to marketing materials HERE

How do I become a Guide Runner?

All information on becoming a guide runner can be found HERE


What can you/your group do to be considered for GOTM?

Do you want to nominate your group to be in with the chance of winning the next group of the month title, but not quite sure what the requirements are? We have a formulated a list of things you and your group can do, to make your nomination stand out from the rest. 

If you think your group deserves to be nominated then email us and make sure you include some great photos! 

·        All runners within the group are registered with RunTogether

·        All runners attending sessions are registered and checked-in on the day, using both the Run Leader and Runner apps #BookCheckInRun

·        Your group list public sessions on the RunTogether website, allowing runners to find you and book on your group runs directly

·        Group location and directions (if necessary) are provided so runners know where to meet you

·        Pictures and contact details of Run Leaders are listed under your specific group page, if prospective runners want to get in touch 

·        You/your group regularly post/share/comment on the RunTogether Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, so we can see what great things you are doing

Nominate your group by emailing us

Who do I contact about any issues, feedback or questions I have?

Our dedicated support team is available Monday to Friday to help answer any of your questions.
With a 2-day response time, we will aim to resolve any issues and answer any questions as soon as possible to make sure you have a great experience using our platform. Please check how you can get in touch with us below. 


Where can I find your privacy notice and cookie policy?

Our privacy notice and cookie policy can be found at the bottom of website (no matter what page you are on)
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