Movement Skills and Physical Preparation

The movement skills and preparation running leader course is a series of 3 progressive workshops that focus on the types of movement patterns that underpin all athletic events.

The three progressive running workshops are open to both Leaders and running coaches.

Both the Movement Skills Part 1 and 2 are online running leader courses. The third running workshop, Physical Preparation, is a face-to-face workshop. 

Please note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the third part of the series has been on-hold. To find out when this course will be available, take a look online at the athletics hub.

Movement Skills 1: Course content

The first online-based running workshop allows users to complete the course in their own time. This means users can pause, replay and come back to the module whenever they would like. As a result, you can go and practice the activities learnt, or have a break, without having to complete this in one sitting. The duration is approximately 1.5 hours (self-paced) and is £20.


  • An introduction to movement skills and how these develop athletic performance.
  • Scientific theory of the demands placed on the body in performance.
  • Practical concepts required to overcome the physical demands placed on the body.
  • An understanding of the various running exercise training modalities.


  • Allows users to improve the use of the body to perform better during and after running.
  • Gain an understanding of how to best prepare for challenges and performance.
  • Offers an improved library of drills and exercises for running coaches to implement.
  • Provides the ability to implement drills and exercise within plyometric, strength and movement skill training.

To attend this course, you must have completed a Leadership in Running Fitness course or Jog Leader course.

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Movement Skills 2: Course content

This online running leader course is self-paced meaning users can complete it in their own time. As with the Skills 1 running workshop, users can stop, start, and repeat the module as they go. This enables you to practice and implement the techniques learnt. Or alternatively, you can use the pause feature to take a break, or finish whenever suitable. This running leader course takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete (self-paced) and is £20.


  • A reinforcement of the key concepts introduced in Movement Skills part 1.
  • Develop your ability to coach movement-based training.
  • An introduction to how the ability to move can influence injury potential.
  • Practical exposure to progressing and regressing drills and exercises based on athletic ability.
  • The importance of organising training strategies.


  • Gain an enhanced understanding of Movement Skills Part 1 key concepts.
  • Your athletes have a better opportunity of being more efficient movers.
  • You can understand the ways in which robust athletes can be developed.
  • Gain a greater understanding of how you can tailor drills and exercises to an individual.
  • The ability to organise and deliver a structured progressive running session.

You must have completed a Leadership in Running Fitness or Jog Leader course to attend. Completion of Movement Skills Part 1 first is recommended alongside Part 2.

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Physical Preparation Part 3: Course content

Building on the two Movement Skills workshops, this running workshop focuses on how athletes can improve mobility, movement, and therefore athletic performance.

Please note: A this is a face-to-face running workshop - bookings have been on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions. Please check when the next available course is taking place.

Users can complete this course in around 4 hours and it costs £20.


  • A reinforcement of the key concepts introduced in Movement Skills 1 and 2.
  • Develop the coaching eye to be able to identify movement dysfunction in an athlete.
  • Understand how a functional movement screen can support the development of movement ability.
  • Exposure on how to use various tools to support the delivery of progressive and regressive drills and exercises.
  • Know the role of a systematic training programme to develop an athlete.


  • Enhanced understanding of movement skills 1 and 2 key concepts.
  • Have the ability to select drills and exercises appropriate to the movement dysfunction.
  • Know how to implement a movement screen consistently in a cycled programme.
  • Be confident in your ability to use a range of tools to deliver varying interventions.
  • Have an understanding to be confident to develop and deliver a systematic training programme.

You must have completed a Run Leader course or Leadership in Running Fitness to attend this workshop. To gain a comprehensive understanding, we recommend completing the 2 other online running leader courses first.

Bookings for the Physical Preparation face-to-face workshops are currently on hold due to Covid-19.