Equality and Diversity in Sport

An accredited online running leader course on diversity and equality. The course will explain the fundamentals of equality and diversity in sports.

The Equality and Diversity self-paced online learning module explains the fundamentals of equality and diversity in sports and how they affect you.

Equality is about removing individual differences to share a common ground between one another. In the case of running groups, this enables each person to take part despite physical or mental barriers. Diversity addresses the need to enable involvement of those of all abilities. Whether at an intermediate or disadvantaged level, learn how to create balanced running groups that are inclusive of everyone’s needs. The Equality and Diversity in sports course is a great module for changing the traditional culture of athletics. Read on below to find out more about the content of this running leader course.

Course content

The course looks at the Equality Act 2010 and the ‘protected characteristics’ that form the basis of the law. It also addresses some of the barriers that can prevent equality being realised. These include prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination, victimisation, and harassment.

The Equality and Diversity in Sports course can help introduce new recruits to the subject or act as a refresher. It is accredited by Secure by Design and meets national Police approved standards. As well as running leaders, the course is also suitable for anyone managing an athletic group.

This self-paced online learning module is available for £4.50.

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