Grow your group through our partnership with Cancer Research UK Race for Life

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We’re really excited to announce a new partnership between RunTogether and Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, created to help more women to become regular runners.

Each year more than 500,000 women take part in over 300 Race for Life events across the UK - including 5km, 10km and Pretty Muddy obstacle course runs. Many of these women are new or potential new runners - we know that approximately two thirds of Race for Life participants run/jog and a third walk.

We’re delighted by the opportunity to partner with Race for Life and hope to give more women the confidence to run in their chosen event and to continue running by inviting them to join a RunTogether Group as they prepare for their event.

Head of Participation at England Athletics, the parent organisation to RunTogether, Matt Birkett, explained "Race For Life events have seen millions of women lacing up their running shoes, united by their desire to beat cancer. They are a real example of the way a powerful cause can inspire and motivate people, and of how running can be a way of bringing together and unifying a very wide variety of people.

Training for a 5km can be a daunting prospect, RunTogether Groups offer fun, organised runs and jogs with other people, led by qualified group leaders. Not only do RunTogether groups provide a strong sense of camaraderie and encouragement, but they also offer people guidance when starting out on their running journey.

Clive Sanders, Head of Events at Cancer Research UK, said “Working with RunTogether represents a great opportunity for us to encourage our supporters to become more active and healthy. By encouraging our participants to join a local RunTogether Group, we hope they will find the support & motivation to continue jogging or running beyond their Race for Life event, and ensure that they’re ready to sign up again next year.”

How to find RunTogether Group runs

To help Race for Life entrants find a local RunTogether Group run, a search box has been added to all Race for Life event and training pages.

Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research relies on the amazing women who take part in Race for Life events every year. Everyone has a different reason for signing up – maybe they have lost a loved one, perhaps they’re a survivor, or maybe they have no personal connection to cancer, but want to help those who do.

To support this incredibly worthy cause, members of RunTogether Groups are also being encouraged to sign up to Race for Life events. Cancer Research UK are kindly offering RunTogether runners £2 off entry to any 5km, 10km  or Pretty Muddy event.


1.      A free RunTogether Race for Life technical t-shirt for all Run Leaders with live sessions.  Available to order from April - details to follow in the next RunTogether newsletter.

2.      If you’re opted out of RunTogether e-newsletters, please contact to receive your unique discount code.

3.      When four or more runners use your unique discount code when entering Race for Life, you will receive free entry to a Cancer Research UK Tough 10 event of your choice .


Run Leaders have been emailed with a unique discount code for up to 20 of their runners. Please get in touch with your RunTogether Group Run Leader who will be happy to provide you with the code.


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