Run England Awards - who do you want to see recognised?

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England Athletics recognises the great work done by Run England. The 2012 England Athletics Regional and National Awards provide a unique opportunity to recognise the outstanding contributions made to our sport by Run England. And you can nominate people for awards.

The dedicated Run England awards which are included in the England Athletics Awards programme sees volunteers and organisations from across the country recognised for their contributions in supporting Run England. So who is it who has helped you in your running?

This year we are pleased to announce that there will also be three Run England awards, both regionally and nationally:

Run England Leader of the Year

Awarded to an individual who has successfully activated new runners at a local level, engaging a broad range of participants in their community. Priority will be given to leaders who have worked closely with local athletic and running clubs and who have sought to link their activity to existing structures and systems for running. All nominees must be qualified and licensed in LIRF (Leader In Running Fitness) or any higher UKA endurance related coaching qualification.

Run England Group of the Year

Awarded to a community running group that has sought to activate new runners but also make a positive and demonstrable contribution to other local causes engaging such partners as charities, race providers, clubs, schools, colleges or workplace activity. All groups must be registered with Run England at

Run England Project of the Year

This project is aimed at County Sport Partnerships, local club networks, schools, colleges, corporate bodies or local authorities and seeks to recognise their commitment and investment in growing new runners at a local level by applying the Run England model. Their groups be registered with Run England at

See them and others receive their awards

As well as voting you can of course buy tickets for the evening. At the England Athletics Awards Night you will get to see all the volunteers who take home our National Awards, plus some of our finest athletes and coaches and athletics greats of all time gathered to see who is inducted into the Hall of Fame.  It is an event where the top names in the sport and the people whose hard work form the bedrock of Athletics in England join together to share in celebrating our sport's successes.

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