Self improvement through running with Croxteth Park Run Group

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Ian started taking part in the parkrun in April but really struggled to get round without stopping. A friend suggested he should go to Croxteth Park Run Group (Liverpool) on a Monday night.

Ian explained, "Nervously, I agreed and turned up. Walking towards the group, who all looked professional, I was aware of my podgy belly, lack of running skills and felt I’d made a massive mistake and would be well out of my depth. After all, why would a running club want someone who can't run far tagging along and slowing them down?"

He continued, "How wrong I was, Vicky, Chris and the other runners were so friendly and told me I'm there to improve myself, not race against the others. This is so true."

The sessions are tailored to support and improve all. There are varied types of training from efforts to long runs and they are all good fun. Ian now leaves after every session feeling fantastic.  The group have given him confidence in his ability and he can now easily get round parkrun and has even entered a 10k.

Nikki Holding, England Athletics' Merseyside Run Activator said, "Croxteth Park Run Group is a great run group for beginners in Liverpool and the group welcomes all abilities with Vicky and Chris as leaders catering for new and existing runners each week. As Ian has mentioned, the group as a whole have a friendly and welcome environment which makes running even easier."

Ian agreed, "Vicky and Chris are always willing to go the extra mile in helping you get better. I am so grateful to the whole group for the support and advice.  I feel great, feel like part of a fantastic group but above all, feel as though running is one of the best things I have ever done. If you can only join one group then you'd be hard pushed to find a group as good as this one."

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