Athletics and Mental Health factsheet for Clubs and RunTogether groups

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The Athletics and Mental Health Factsheet is a comprehensive resource that helps athletes, coaches, leaders and clubs to better understand mental illness, different mental health conditions and the importance of speaking openly about mental health to help to address the stigma which still exists.

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The Athletics & Mental Health Factsheet includes details on:

  • Personal Stories from runner and coach Shona Rogers, and Olympic Hurdler Jack Green
  • Common types of Mental Health Conditions
  • The benefit of sport and physical activity for mental well-being
  • 4 Case studies
  • Further information, support and useful links

The document also includes a section for leaders, coaches and clubs with useful guidance on practical steps and positive action that can be taken including:

  • Creating a welcoming and supportive club or group environment
  • A willingness to talk openly and reduce stigma
  • Challenging inappropriate behaviour
  • Guidance for organising specific mental health sessions & using the term mental well-being.

At the end there are contact details and web links for a wide number of mental health organisations. There is also  a final section with crisis contacts and information for emergency situations.
This is a useful document for coaches/leaders and clubs which:

  • provides a general education on athletics and mental health
  • gives some useful guidance on what actions coaches and clubs can take
  • can act as a catalyst for conversations & positive action.
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