Running with a man's (and woman's) best friend in Kent!


Joggy Doggy is a fast growing canine exercise business based in the Weald of Kent. Founded by Jenny Lee, Joggy Doggy offers group Canicross Fitness classes and Canicross Personal Training sessions in local forests and at Saint Ronan’s School in Hawkhurst.  Canicross is the sport of cross-country running whilst attached to a harnessed dog via a bungee line and belt.  The classes are a mix of dog training, run coaching and canicross techniques.

Jenny Lee, founder of Joggy Doggy Ltd stated "I attended an England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course to develop my knowledge of leading mixed ability groups. The course was fun and informative and the session planning was especially useful.  The challenges of mixed abilities can be exacerbated when the experienced runners have big, strong dogs and the more novice runners, still building running fitness, have fluffy, petite bundles!  However, with the correct advice and training, everyone is able to get a great workout and have lots of fun in a safe environment with like-minded people".

Joggy Doggy groupLast November the group took part in the Royal Tunbridge Wells parkrun and gained valuable experience of canicrossing in a larger group of runners.  The parkrun team were very welcoming and supportive of the novice runners. 

More recently the Group sent a mixed ability team to compete at the Firle Challenge in Sussex.  Jenny said, "This was a first race for many and was a great day in spite of the hills and ghastly weather!  All the hard work paid off with several runners getting placed in their age categories.  Our attention is now turning to the Discovery Run at Petworth on 30th May, which promises a flatter course and the chance of deer.  That could generate some fast results!"

Many Joggy Doggy runners find it incredibly motivating to run with their dog.  Most dogs love the physical and mental challenge of canicross and will give their owners every incentive and encouragement to lace up their trainers and take them out for a run.

Anna Day, Joggy Doggy client and owner of Lottie the Dalmatian stated "I'm not really a typical runner but I started canicrossing to keep Lottie calm and happy.  The vet is delighted with her health and she is much better behaved at home with plenty of exercise.  I now run most days with her and am slowly building up the distance.  Lottie helps me hugely when we run so I can cope with longer distances than if I was running unaided.  We run as a team and it does form a special bond between us".

Lucy Tomlinson, Run Kent Activator "I'm delighted that Joggy Doggy has joined the Run Kent programme.  It's clear that with the correct leadership and training, well socialised, trained and exercised dogs can be more of a help than a hindrance to runners.  I wish the Joggy Doggy team all the best at their next event in May". 

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Please note, the UKA Insurance cover given to qualified Run Leaders is for leading Adult only sessions.  Joggy Doggy Ltd has taken out additional insurance cover for their canicross sessions and activities.

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