MadRunners - a genuinely friendly group of people


Merseyside run group MadRunners is based in St Helens.  This week we talk to Judith:

"I joined the running club in August 2015 because my husband was already a member and he thought I would enjoy it. I was somewhat sceptical and as expected, my first session at running club was hard work. I couldn't even run one lap of the rugby pitch! However, there was something different to any other gym/class that I'd been to.  This was a genuinely friendly group of people who were really supportive of each other. I was one of the last people to finish the lap and everyone was cheering me on and clapping

There were people there of all levels of fitness and ability, all ages and all shapes and sizes and most importantly, there was no competition between anyone and no shouting at you to work harder! It was 100% encouragement both from the coaches and the rest of the group!"

England Athletics Merseyside Activator Nikki Holding said, "The group is absolutely fantastic with several training sessions per week, any and all abilities at each one and every sessions is always different so it challenges each member of the group. I have seen this group grow from a basic weekly run group into one that now has several LiRF and CiRF leaders delivering sessions that develop different aspects of fitness, not just running ability."

Judith continued, "I attended 2 sessions each week and made some great new friends.  Whereas previously I would have made any excuse not to go the gym, this was the first time I genuinely looked forward to a class. I hardly missed a session at all because I knew I would feel great and it was much needed "me time" away from the daily stresses of having young children and running a business.

In March 2016 I ran the St Helens 10k with the group and finished in 1hr 7 mins. If someone had told me I would run 10k back in August I would never have believed them. Just over a year after joining running club and I have lost 4.5 stone and have so much more energy. I get such a buzz from going to the club. Every session is totally different with a combination of running and exercises so you get a good mix of cardio and strength training."

She concluded by saying, "Whether you are an experienced runner or a complete beginner - you do whatever you can and there's always advice and support when needed. It's a great club with something for everyone."

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