New resources for Group Leaders

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Run England is pleased to announce new resources for group leaders to help them manage their group.

Thanks to funding from Sport England our new Group Finder map will allow leaders to not only manage the information on their group more easily but to also have a secure online register of their group members to know who their members are and which sessions they have attended. This adds a good way of ensuring your group members are signed up as members of Run England and enjoying the associated member benefits. It also gives you a way of keeping track of your group register. Run England is planning some prizes and rewards for group leaders who have members registered and showing regular group activity.

Ensuring you have an accurate record of your members runs is an important part of being a group leader both in terms of managing your members' training effectively and having accurate records in the unlikely event something does go wrong.

To find out full details about how to do this and much more please log in to the Group Leaders secure area and see the downloadable guide under the 'Keeping track of your members' header. Note your log in for the Group Administration portal is your normal member password rather than your password for the Secure Leader section which contains other leader resources.

Remember, if you need support with administering your group you can contact us at

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