Beginner runners celebrate completing 'Zero to 3' in Falmouth


Last week a beginner running group in Falmouth held a special celebration evening to mark the success of its members’ athletic ability to run three miles, as part of a new Cornish running programme.

The Falmouth-based ‘Zero to 3 Mile’ running group was established earlier in the year by Angie Tiller of Falmouth Road Runners, with the support of the new beginner running programme ‘Run Cornwall’.

The running group leader, Angie Tiller, said: “There was a bit of huffing and puffing during our initial sessions but all the trainees soon got into the flow of things and there was plenty of good humoured banter amongst them as they walked at speed, jogged and carried out a number of exercises to help them progress.

“Some of the trainees admitted that the warm-up was in itself the most exercise they’d done in years and you might have expected some of them to have thrown in the towel there and then. But, no, they stoically donned high-viz bibs and followed our enthusiastic leaders out into the dark of the Falmouth streets over the ten weeks to improve their stamina and running ability… to literally go from zero to three miles!”

On Wednesday May 9, Angie and the group proudly graduated its 24 transformed members from a 10 week training programme which has helped them start running, at a special celebratory training session.

Despite the miserable weather the group enjoyed a three mile run (which they completed with ease!) from the Dracaena Centre in Falmouth, and were later presented with specialist training tops by Rob Cockings, Run Cornwall Coordinator at the Cornwall Sports Partnership.

Rob Cockings said: “The Dracaena running group is testament to what can be achieved by beginner runners in a veritably short time and it’s fantastic to see genuine joy on the faces of the group members who have achieved their goal of running three miles. 

“A large part of this success must be attributed to the support and guidance given by the team of Falmouth Road Runners’ Leaders in Running Fitness and their team leader Angie Tiller. They’ve done a fantastic job of flying the flag for Run Cornwall by delivering a beginners running course where the attendees have felt welcome and well catered for.”

If you would be keen to start running, there are a number of beginner running groups welcoming new members across Cornwall now; and Angie Tiller and Falmouth Road Runners will be starting another beginner running group in the autumn. To find out more, contact Rob Cockings at the Cornwall Sports Partnership on 01872 323344 or

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