Run England group members complete their first ever event!


A Run England group named the Foxtrotters took part in their first ever event!

The runners have been going along to Danson Park in Bexley, every Sunday as part of a series of beginners courses held in the London borough of Bexey, organised by Bexley local Authority.

Leader Michelle Fox has been putting the enthusiastic beginners through their paces and it seems they have well and truly caught the running bug!

The Foxtrotters took part in the local Danson 3k Fun Run organised by Bexley A.C . The Fun Run took place at the same time as the annual Myra Garrett 10k. Michelle said, "I'm so proud of them all, they have achieved so much in just six weeks it’s amazing and such a great group of people have worked so well together."

The Foxtrotters beginners course has seen approximately 30 individuals attend throughout the weeks and with Michelle’s Improvers course set to start on the 14 June, there is already a huge interest growing!

One of the runners, Margaret Wheeler, said, ‘Joining the ‘Run England’ Foxtrotters has been fabulous. To actually be able to jog nonstop for 20 minutes as we all did on the Myra Garrett fun run felt such an achievement for us all. Most of us couldn't have run for a bus 8 weeks ago, Michelle has been a real motivator.

"We all really look forward to our Sunday mornings. She has encouraged us to get fit with just the right amount of challenges but still keeping the fun and social element. So much so that most of us will be joining the improvers group when this 10 week session finishes’."

For more information regarding the Bexley running groups or to find a group in your area take a look at our ‘Find a group’ page.



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