More than 15,000 claim runbritain handicap


runbritain has found its 15,000th person to claim their handicap and rewarded him with an adidas miCoach pacer.

The system rewards regular racing, and compensates for slower courses. The score is derived from all race results in UKA licensed road/multi-terrain races from 2010 and thereafter on a rolling 12 month basis although you only need to have raced once since 2010 to claim a handicap.

Simon Lewis from Parc Bryn Bach was the 15,000th runner to register. He has been rewarded with an adidas miCoach pacer and explained what prompted him to register: "I was sent an email with a link to the runbritain site. I followed the instructions to register my profile and got lucky."

Simon has a handicap of 7 and is now targeting more races to lower his score. He also uses his profile page to log his weekly mileage: "I ususally write it down in a diary like most runners but now I keep it on the website I can look back over the year and see exactly what my mileage was."

Each runner's profile page also features:

  • Current rankings at each of the major distances (5K, 10K, HM, Mar)
  • Personal progress graph
  • Direct comparisons with other runners with a 'head-to-head' function
  • Handicap score updated automatically after each run
  • Target times to bring score down to the next level
  • Training schedules to help you achieve your targets

Go to to claim your handicap.

runbritain's Jackie Newton had a chat with Simon:

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