Every Milestone Matters

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At RunTogether we want to celebrate Every Milestone. Whether you have just complete your first 1km or your first marathon, we want to hear from you. Proud of your own achievement or want to shout about your Run Leader? Then email us at support@runtogether.co.uk and you may just feature in our monthly newsletter!

July's inspiring #EveryMilestoneMatters story comes from Diana Postle. Diana's journey reminded us that achieving your goals is often not one continuous process as life events mean it is often stop-start, but with supportive RunTogether Groups led by our awesome army of leaders, reaching those milestones is a lot easier.

"Since having been an athlete, in fact a County sprint hurdler back in the '70s, I've tried, over the years, to get fit then keep fit. Obstacles, such as being a single parent meant I couldn’t go back to the track. I tried running on my own many times but it wasn’t until later years when I retired and then moved back to Norwich that I came across group running opportunities.

After caring for my husband until he passed away Christmas 2015 I spent the next 18 months house clearing, I was exhausted. I needed the therapy of running again and suddenly came across Dudley Garner’s new group RunTogether Up The Tempo and signed up for yet another couch to 5k, but this time it was different. Dudley had vision to help at various levels. He saw the need so wanted to continue to help us while doing the course. So instead of doing a second run in the week on our own, he invited us to join his alternative group too.

In addition, Run Leader, Lawrence came along to assist, offering interval run sessions. Being a sprinter, I loved these and quickly gained the confidence to run the 5k parkrun at Eaton Park, Norwich in April in the WV 60-64 age group. Today, having had my birthday yesterday, I moved up into the 65-69 age group and gained a PB!

Thank you RunTogether and a special thank you to Dudley Garner and Lawrence Wade for giving your time to make running available to us all; for making running available to me!

Well done, Diana keep up the fantastic running!

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