Encouraging local mums to get running


RunFitMum started in 2015 when two mums, Caroline Eaton and Sasha Cowley rediscovered their love of running. Suddenly with the odd hour of childcare in place there was time to pull their trainers on and get out for a run.  So they went about encouraging a group of local mums to get running and RunFitMum was born.  Over the past year RunFitMum has grown to include more and more mums enjoying the benefits of running in a friendly, fun and sociable environment.

Their Running Group was recently featured during the Great South Run television coverage. It was filmed by the Channel 5 crew who did the GSR coverage, and was shot in Alice Holt where the group do most of their running.

Click here to view their video

Co-founder Sasha commented, "We were lucky enough to have great weather. I still can't believe we were on national TV! Not bad for a group that was only about 20 strong at the start of the year, we're now pushing 120!"

Caroline added, "Sasha and I are extremely proud and loving every step of this running club journey! We're looking forward to our workshop in a couple of weeks to hear more about the Run Together updates."


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