See you in New York! Update on pair's run across America


It was just over six weeks ago that Chris Finnil and Steve Pope set off on their Run Across America. The pair started from Half Moon Bay just south of San Francisco after a quick photo shoot and interview with the Half Moon Bay Review.

Since then they have run through Nevada, Utah and Colorado and are currently running through the state of Nebraska. Whilst many of us are disappointed that our Indian Summer has given way to autumn, Chris and Steve are eagerly awaiting the cooler temperatures after waking up this morning at 5am whilst the temperature guage showed 83 degrees (fahrenheit that is!)

Although they had a glimpse of autumn whilst in the Rocky Mountains they have had to contend with extreme heat and dust on the long, flat grasslands in Nebraska.

They have attracted many fans along the way and some have joined them for sections of the run - those with four legs anyway! So far they have been joined by two goats and a dog!

Their original plan was to arrive in New York in time to run the New York Marathon but things have not gone smoothly and they are behind time.

They have just discovered that a bridge they were planning to use to cross the Missouri river between Nebraska and Iowa was unfortunately washed away in a flood earlier this summer. They now have to make a detour up to Omaha City and use the bridge there. This adds about 45 miles on to their journey and that adds at least one extra day onto their schedule.

The boys are raising money for Help For Heroes and have set themselves a target of £10,000. They are approximately half way to New York and have raised just over £2000. Click here to help them reach their target and follow their progress on their Run Across America blog.

As for reaching New York in time for the marathon we need to hope that they suffer no more diversions and are blessed with a following wind!

Come on Chris and Steve -

Pull out the stopper!

Let's have a whopper!

And see you in New York on time!!

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