Jason- Runner at RunTogether Moorside Park Running Club

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"Jason was affectionately known as “Big Jase” when he started at our weekly circuits and Run Club. Following serious heart surgery in 2016 he decided he wanted to try and get more active (and healthy). He had already started his personal weight loss journey when he joined our group in January 2017, having lost an incredible 8 stone himself - through changing his eating habits and getting more active at a local gym. Jason fancied the idea of exercising outside so joined our sessions and the rest they say is history... fast forward 14 months and Jason is quite literally half the man he used to be. He has now lost over 13 stone, is running half marathons in just under 2 hours and was recently presented with the “Inspiration to others” and “Runners Runner of the Year” at our annual awards ceremony.
Jason truly is an inspiration to everyone, not just because of his personal journey but how supportive he is to everyone else. He is a regular at our local park run and constantly runs and encourages other members of our run club to achieve PBs at Park Run. He will also be taking part in the Spring 10k in a few weeks where he has agreed to run with our youngest member; Ben (who was given entry into the Spring 10k as his prize for being crowned “Rookie of the Year” at our awards ceremony).
Jason has already put himself forward to become a Run Leader for our Run Together group and we are absolutely DELIGHTED. As every group needs a Jason - and we are so grateful he is a member of our group!"

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