“Running has completely changed my life.” - Hear from newly qualified LiRF, Hannah Bull

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Helping to keep the country running are the fantastic Run Leaders who support people on their journey in our sport through the network of England Athletics-affiliated clubs.

We caught up with the wonderful Hannah Bull who recently completed her Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification and is now advancing and taking her Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) qualification! Let’s meet Hannah and find out more about her reasons why.

Why did you start running?

“Whilst being a very active person and loving all things fitness, as a Personal Trainer I only started running four years ago. My young daughter was suddenly diagnosed with a congenital heart condition which required urgent surgery. I ran to process the stress of the situation and initially to raise money for the Alderhey Children’s Hospital by signing up for the Wilmslow Half Marathon.

“The benefits it gave me physically and mentally were amazing and I haven’t stopped since even now at 28 weeks pregnant! I have gone on to run three marathons, secured my ‘Good For Age’ spot at the London Marathon which was one of the most incredible experiences.

“Running has completely changed my life in the most positive of ways.”

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Why did you want to become a Run Leader?

“I wanted to become a Run Leader to share my passion of running with others and to inspire women who may be going through tough times - to show them that running is a fantastic way of processing life’s ups and downs in a healthy and positive way whilst also being incredibly accessible to most by grabbing your trainers and heading outside.”

How did you find the Leadership In Running Fitness course?

“I loved the LiRF course and it has opened up many doors to me. I enjoyed the practical assessment and putting all the course knowledge I had learnt into leading a group. I found the course really convenient to fit in around family and work life. It was well structured, going through each section at a good pace with excellent, knowledgeable tutors.

“At first it took me some confidence to believe in myself and book on, however once I settled into the course, I loved it and grew so much during the process. I had an amazing group and a mentor for my filmed assessment who really put me at ease.

“I left the course having learned a lot, helping me with communication, demonstrating exercises and warm-ups and stretching. It gave me some great ideas on how to session plan and engage positively with my runners.”

What advice would you give to others who are considering taking the LiRF course?

“Do it! Don’t hesitate, just sign up!

“If you have a love of running and want to share that with other people, this is the perfect course for you. It gives you the skills and ability to lead a group. It’s perfect to fit in alongside work and family life and will give you such a sense of achievement.”

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What is next for you?

“I am currently in the process of completing my CiRF course with the assessment next month. I have a women’s running group, The Garden Fitness Studio Run Club, which I run alongside my personal training to enable women to meet their specific goals whether that be a faster 5k or a long-term marathon goal.

“I aspire to grow my running group to meet more women locally and would love to support more long-distance runners branching out to a half marathon/marathon training group at some point.

“I love running; the people, the gorgeous routes, the confidence I’ve seen building in people as the weeks progress. I see people genuinely feel the joy of running, laughing, chatting, and running together as one team. I am privileged to lead these ladies each week and long may it continue!”

Want to know more about LiRF?

With around seven million people taking part in running each year, it is a fantastic example of an accessible and enjoyable sport for people of all ages and abilities.

Want to have a go for yourself? Available virtually, the LiRF course is incredibly convenient and available all year round for when you are ready to take that first step. Find out more about the course content and book your place.


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