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Name: Sam Spalding & Paul Clark
Age: Both 51
Role: Runners, RunTogether Happy Feet

When Sam and Paul decided that they wanted to try out a new form of exercise in their 50s, neither of them thought that they would find their soulmate at the local RunTogether group. Sam wanted to complete a 5K in a bid to lose weight and improve her fitness levels. Paul on the other hand wanted to try a different sport and was tempted by running. They both joined their local RunTogether group in the summer, and quickly became friends. When Paul asked out Sam on a date just after Christmas, she said ‘yes’ and their relationship progressed from there.

Sam says: “Joining a running group has been one of the best things we have both done in our lives – obviously for us it has been an incredible journey finding each other and falling in love. I have found my soul mate and best friend, and I know that Paul feels the same. We actually started living together in March, and then on my birthday in July Paul proposed to me and obviously I said yes!” Sam and Paul have planned for their wedding to take place in 2018.

 For Sam, running also provided mental health improvements and she has found that she is now able to cut down on her anti-depressant prescription that she had been reliant on for many years. Getting fit, losing weight and meeting Paul has meant that she has now got an extremely positive outlook on life. Sam and Paul have also seen a big improvement in their running, and completed a half marathon in May 2017 together as a couple. Sam concludes: “Life could not be any better – we are now planning a future together and it is all thanks to RunTogether!”

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