Name: Georgina Dalla Valle
Age: 45
Role: Runner, RunTogether Highbridge Ladies Running Club

Georgina started running in April 2017 with the hope that she could improve her fitness, and support her partner and nine-year-old daughter (who both enjoy running) by entering races and parkruns as a family. Georgina saw an advert for her local RunTogether group, and it was tempted by the mention of a ‘Get Me Started’ group for all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness abilities - and she was not let down. Georgina started her running journey with thirty local people in a RunTogether group, and says they have all gone from strength to strength together, building up their confidence and running for longer distance. The group now has a strong bond that increases weekly.

The group has become like family to Georgina, meeting up for the RunTogether sessions, with members of the group also meeting up for separate runs together during the week. A Facebook group has been created where the team members can share pictures of their training and progress. 

“Everybody is really supportive of each other and it spurs you on. You don’t want to let your running buddies down and quite honestly, they wouldn’t let you go down anyway! The confidence levels have shot through the roof. The support that we have received and give to each other is immense, the self-belief in ourselves is huge - the world is our oyster. Some people who started out initially as one of the Wednesday night team are now leading sessions and they are brilliant!”

As Georgina and her group improved their confidence, they began setting themselves challenges, with nine of them taking part in a half marathon in October 2017. Georgina’s favourite part of RunTogether is the support she receives from her new friends: “The running group has ensured that we have a tight close-knit group of likeminded individuals whose confidence has grown through the support and encouragement of others. No matter what is going on, we have formed bonds and friendships.” Georgina summarises her RunTogether experience as this: “I have made new friends, conquered my running demons and fears of failure and increased my fitness levels.”

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