Running in a group drastically improved my confidence

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Name: Cathy Flynn
Age: 47
Role: Runner, RunTogether Monday Motivators,Newbury

Having been part of a RunTogether group for the past two years, Cathy has felt her mental health and wellbeing improve dramatically. 

Cathy says that not only is she fitter and healthier, but running in a group has had a profound effect on her mental wellbeing. “I am more confident and outgoing, which I attribute towards being part of this group. It’s not just me, I have noticed changes in other people’s behaviours who attend the group regularly, and they have also felt that their mental health issues have been overcome through being part of a group and exercising.”

Cathy first started running in 2013 when her family received the sad news that Cathy’s 3-year old nephew had been diagnosed with cancer. With the family committed to raising money for CLIC Sargent to help raise money for other families going through the same situation, Cathy decided to take on the challenge of running the Reading Half Marathon. Once the half marathon was completed, Cathy no longer felt the same desire and motivation to train again and the idea of running was met with a sigh and feeling deflated. Cathy’s local RunTogether group in Newbury, Berkshire meet weekly to run a 5K distance, and are taught how to progress with training - that includes running technique drills and uphill running. “I love the RunTogether groups and look forward to the sessions every week, especially Monday’s group as it is a great start to the week. The RunTogether sessions are now part of my weekly routine and I have made some great friends.” Cathy adds: “I’m not the fastest of runners, more of a plodder, but I attend the session every week because I absolutely love running with my fellow runners. A lot of people come along thinking they can’t or won’t be able to run, but our Group Leader puts them at ease, encourages and motivates them, and they leave the session with a huge smile on their face, along with a sense of achievement.

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