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Name: Amanda Smallwood
Age: 42
Role: Run Leader, RunTogether Highbridge Ladies Running Club

Amanda Smallwood began running in April 2017. With her children now more independent teenagers, she decided it was time she allowed herself some ‘me time’. Inspired by her friends who were runners, Amanda spotted an advert for her local RunTogether beginners’ course and signed up. Amanda immediately discovered a group of new friends within the RunTogether Highbridge Ladies Running Club, and found the confidence to complete the 6-week beginners’ course which ended in a 5K run.

 Amanda didn’t stop there and has since taken part in multiple 5K and 10K runs. Talking about her new group of running friends she says: “We have established a bond that is now stronger than ever.  I enjoy meeting up to run with the others on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Getting together for a night out is popular too!”. Amanda was so inspired by her own Run Leader that she has now completed England Athletics’ Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) qualification to become a Run Leader herself and help support others along their running journey.

Summarising her experience, Amanda says: “Joining RunTogether Highbridge Ladies’ Running Club has had a huge positive effect on my health and life. It has helped me to lose weight and feel less tired.  Having a run with friends is always something to look forward to and this makes me happier too. “After a bad day, a good run and chat fixes things – and exercise in general has just made me feel healthier and more positive in life. I feel that I have gained confidence and now believe in myself that anything is possible, you just have to give it a go!”

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