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Lions Running Community

We all know that lacing up and heading out for a run after a long day of work can be challenging alone, and that is where the network of RunTogether groups is waiting and ready to help!

We recently caught up with Sammie Cox from Lancashire who after trying a variety of running clubs in her local area, stumbled across Lions Running Community on Facebook, and hasn’t looked back!

Why did you decide to join Lions Running Club?

“I tried a variety of running clubs in my local area which were all really friendly and supportive, but like dating – they just weren’t for me. I found Lions Running Community on Facebook and decided to join. It took me a while to be brave and attend a session, but I saw they were leading progressive groups for people wanting to run further than 10k, which was my aim at the time.

“After my first long run chatting to one of the Run Leaders, I found myself researching the Great North Run as soon as I got home. I had always said I wanted to run a half marathon, and the only one I would do would be the Great North Run. The Lions supported me and made me believe that it was possible for me to achieve, which motivated me to go back week after week. I finally felt like I had found 'my group.'”

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How has running impacted your life?

“Running has had such a huge impact on my life! At the time I was searching for a running group, I was also going through a little bit of a wobble at work. I turned up to the sessions week after week and it helped me to see clearly, forget my worries and helped my anxiety.

“Running has also improved my fitness hugely, I haven't drastically changed my diet, but I feel fitter, I have more energy and I am a much happier person. Everyone certainly knows when I've not run!”

Lions Running Community at a night run

What has been your RunTogether highlight?

“I have a lot of highlights with Lions Running Community but especially being supported by the group and them getting me on the Great North Run start line. It was a lifelong dream of mine and having the support from the Lions made the whole experience so special.

“I also loved travelling with the Lions to race the Malaga Half Marathon which is something I would never have put my mind to without the group’s support.

“This year I raced my first marathon in Manchester, and standing on the start line was incredible, it is certainly a place I never ever saw myself being! This is only the start and there are many more memories to be made.”

Lions Running Community at Golden Lion

What advice would you give to somebody thinking about joining their local RunTogether group?

“If you enjoy running, then sign up to RunTogether and go down to a session local to you. Everyone will welcome you with open arms and support you every step of the way. Everyone was new at some point and will all have been in your position. Who knows, this time next year you could be the one encouraging and supporting new members. But be warned! Once you join a group - you will never run alone again!

"Running with a group is a really special thing to be part of and I wouldn't change it for the world”
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