Learning and getting together with Support Webinars


Our Support Webinars kicked off earlier this week with the first RunTogether 'All Things Digital' session. And the learning was all on sides!

Designed to help new and existing run leaders and group leaders better understand / have a refresh on our RunTogether digital platforms (website and Apps); the session was well attended and well received.

Nicky Kellett, RunTogether’s Digital Manager took the group through several typical user tasks, responding to questions throughout:

  • Creating runs and sessions and explaining the differences between
  • Explaining group roles and administration access for your leaders
  • Setting up locations
  • Creating contact lists and running through contact data merges to support contacts’ changes in details
  • The opportunities for sharing information on a groups’ website
  • How run leaders and runners can use the run leader app and runner apps respectively to get the most out of RunTogether

The most topical discussions and feedback from the attendees included:

  • The benefits of using the Stripe payment platform – particularly at this time with Covid-19 concerns around cash payments
  • The ‘terms’ page which groups can use to upload their own booking terms with additional conditions related to Covid-19
  • The increase in session bookings by all as a means of checking in runners for ‘track and trace’.

The session was very interactive throughout but a moment of fun was when Nicky and Dan, the session host learned something new from one of our great Run leader Mentors Ian Robinson. Apparently email history is available! Who knew? Well clearly Ian did! Thank you Ian, fancy leading our next ‘All Things Digital’ session?

And the next sessions folks if you are interested in learning the same are:

  • Tuesday 20 October 18:30-20.00 - All things RunTogether digital (platform and apps)
  • Tuesday 17 November 18:30-20:00 - Programme update and marketing support

Please note some dates may have changed from those recently promoted.

email us at support@runtogether.co.uk to register.

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