Run Leaders unanimously recommend Shokz Sports Headphones


Few pieces of kit can promise to deliver such an instant impact on your running performance as the Shokz (formerly known as AfterShokz) Aeropex headphones.

Bold words indeed, but in an England Athletics survey of 211 Run Leaders who trialled the Aeropex headphones, a hugely impressive 100 per cent noted they are willing to recommend Shokz headphones based on their experience.

Of course, for anyone who has experienced the power of music on the move, perhaps those numbers aren’t that surprising given the way your body positively reacts to the tunes you’ve selected – you can literally rev yourself up or calm down at the press of a button. And it’ll also help you recover from a tough workout in double quick time.

"These are a game changer! They are comfortable, even with sunglasses. The sound quality is good, I can hear what’s going on and get to enjoy running with music again."

"I had never used Shokz before and I had stopped running with music because in-ear earphones give me earache and I have to wear sunglasses when I’m running due to light sensitivity, so headphones were out. Plus, as I run in a rural area, I like to be able to hear what’s going on around me, leaving my only option of having the music playing out loud from my phone."

Run Leader Clare Wright, one of the Leaders surveyed who was new to the concept of wearing bone conduction headphones out on the road.

That’s all changed for Clare – and thousands of others – now. That’s because these bone conduction headphones are light (just 26g) and their reliable stability means wearing them provides you with total freedom of movement which in turn helps you run nice and relaxed as you listen to your favourite artist while at the same time able to listen out for things like traffic or pedestrians. Truly an amazing piece of kit.

"I loved them, especially important for a woman’s safety to hear what’s going on around when running alone."

Louise, another of the Run Leaders who tested the Shokz Aeropex discovered this for herself.

Equally impressive numbers from the survey include the fact that 97 per cent of those surveyed are still using the Shokz Aeropex fully over one month on. “They’re brilliant, they’re really light, I hardly know I’m wearing them, and the sound is really clear, nothing bad to say about them – great product,” says Run Leader Michelle Hewitt summing up a common theme – they’re light and unobtrusive, safe and provide fabulous sound quality.


"I use then regularly when running and they work brilliantly, members of my run group are all very impressed."

Run Leader Ian Cutler couldn’t agree more.

But again, if you’ve experienced how powerful listening to music – while still be able to hear traffic – on the move can be, how could you not be impressed with the Shokz headphones? The science is there to back it all up: Listening to music on the move can elevate positive aspects of mood such as excitement and happiness, as well as reduce negative aspects such as tension and fatigue.

Shokz provides all of this – and more given the safety on the move bone conduction headphones provide meaning 79% of the Run Leaders are happy to use Shokz for other sports and even more – 84% – for all their fitness activities.

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