Doncaster Pacers - Phil's story


The Doncaster Pacers (Doncaster Athletic Club's Run England Group) have received funding to train more Run Leaders up this year and in return they have supported over 200 NEW runners.

As part of the funding agreement, a number of inspirational Run Journeys have been put to paper, and we share them with you.

Phil's Story

This is a summary - click here to read the full story - it's well worth it!

I have always been sporty, I ran at school I was alright but never the best; actually I was the only idiot who’d do the long distance ones, so I just did it.  I went to uni and ate crap and drank lots! Because I was a skint student and I got fat on the inside; didn’t realise how much until I started going gym and couldn’t even run 10 minutes on treadmill.  So I sacked off the running bit and just did weights - however I realised it wasn’t for me as I am literally the smallest person ever!

I started teaching, still went to the gym, but I then went to a running shop just because I liked the look of some Nike trainers I’d seen.  The sales guy said, "you need your gait doing" (I had no idea but I was interested).  I came out with some trainers... I didn’t even get the ones I liked! So thought I’d better use' em! My plan was to do a lap of the lake. I nearly coughed up a lung the first time I did it but I carried on for months and months until I could run a 5k without stopping.

Doncaster Pacers - Phil PeterI then went to Parkrun and felt like I was going to die. But I’m a determined little guy and I met my old mate Martyn and did some training runs with him and got my PB down to 23 minutes, my 50 Parkrun T shirt in a year and came second in league table.  I met some amazing people at the DAC 5k, signed up there and with the training just under a year I managed a 19:58 5k PB, ran several 10ks and two half marathons.

I want to get even quicker. Which I will do, when I stop running into things, not tying my shoe laces properly or injuring myself.

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