Valley Hill Runners Celebrate Success of Coach Wendy


Wendy Duggan is a member of Valley Hills Runners north of Sheffield.  Wendy, an experienced Run Leader decided to sign up to the Coach in Running Fitness Course last year as she wanted to be able to offer coached sessions to club members alongside led runs.  In January 2016, Wendy successfully completed the course after passing the knowledge test, workbooks and final assessment.

Wendy said that completing the CiRF course improved her own running, and her club members have achieved so much more than imagined with the support from herself and the other run leaders. She commented, "Think what benefits you will have from learning more, and the changes you can make to not just you, but to someone else. CIRF was tough at times, but it was worth the time and effort to see my athletes succeed!"

The beginners' group and now the Wednesday session has enabled one lady to get back running after a spinal operation which has left her with no feeling in her leg. Wendy has adapted to include her and adjust routes so that she is comfortable and safe. She ran the Percy Pud in December and continues to improve each week. Another is a lady who lost her 'mojo' after VLM last year, she's now back running with a spring in her step and a smile!

couple running on pavement

During International Women’s week next week, Wendy will be delivering her normal club sessions and has kindly opened the session up for Run Leaders and potential coaches to observe, take part and ask questions.  Wendy explains what she does in her sessions (click here for more details in a downloadable poster)


On a Monday I lead and coach beginners. We look at the very basics of technique and build them up slowly, I generally have the assistance of LiRF qualified Neil Smith and we bring fun and enthusiasm to running. We keep it simple and fun.

We have a 'rehab' or 'return to running' group which can start with back to basics with the beginners group, and build up to eventually reintroduce them back to running on the main club run. We look at what their injury or reason for stopping running, listen to what their fears or wishes are and get them going again. This is our biggest success we think!

Wendy's beginner group


I have introduced an 'intermediate / improvers' group on a Wednesday night, which offers those that are coming up from beginners a taste of going a little bit further, but they are still 'under our wing'. Our Wednesday night club run is generally quite a fast pace so this group gives those folks who want a more gentle run the chance to get out again midweek whereas previously they wouldn't have run or they would have gone out on their own.  

I have also coached several sessions on different subjects but 'hills' is the most popular one. I have recently delivered half marathon training runs, and supported runners with training plans for the Yorkshire Half Marathon which takes place in Sheffield in April. 

Wendy's improver group

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