Who influences you to run?


A 1.9 million gender gap that currently exists between the numbers of men and women playing sport at least once a week.

An issue that has been raised in women’s sport consistently over the years has been the lack of female role models in sport.

Are role models the key to unlocking women’s participation in sport, or are there other factors that have greater impact, and if so, what are they?

Role models are important, and they are everywhere, but they are not the only factor that sways women to play sport. Solutions focused charity Women in Sport have identified six primary factors in their research as having most influence over women’s sport behaviours.

    Inspiring her with ‘real’ and relatable influencers, stories of women ‘like me’ to prime her participation
    A friend’s invitation makes sport possible, reward of socialising and bonding becomes a motivator
    Practical and emotional support from the people in her everyday life is crucial to kick start and sustain participation.
    Ensuring that participation in sport is enjoyable and an experience she wants to keep repeating
    Skilled feedback and structured guidance from someone with more expertise
    Focus shift to feeling good, heighten awareness of personal progress

You can read the full findings on their new website and get involved on social media using #SwayToPlay on Twitter or head on over to their new Pinterest and Instagram pages. 

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