Another popular workshop gets Leaders communicating in Kent!


Run Kent recently hosted its 12th free development workshop for Group Leaders and Coaches.  The theme of the workshop was 'Communicating effectively with your runners to deliver engaging sessions'. 

As an interactive workshop, it introduced Leaders to techniques, models and exercises on key aspects of communication, including: understanding different personality types; the art of listening; the power of body language; understanding comfort zones and feedback skills.

12th Run Kent workshopPresented by Evie Serventi, Deputy Editor Running Fitness Magazine alongside Tony Philips, certified Personal Coach and NLP Practitioner, the workshop was both engaging and inspiring for the 18 Leaders gave up their Saturday afternoon to attend the workshop. 

Organised by Run Kent, the workshop was free for all qualified Leaders who are involved in the local Run England programme. 

Lucy Tomlinson, Run Kent Activator said,"These workshops are a great opportunity to support and develop our local leaders and make them feel part of a bigger team.  The sessions always prove very popular and the leaders really enjoy getting together to learn, develop, network and share ideas. 12th Run Kent workshopI'd like to thank Evie and Tony for facilitating our 12th workshop and for sharing their own expertise and experiences on the day.  It was a very thought-provoking and useful afternoon."

But you don't have to take Lucy's word for it.  The Leaders had lots to say about the workshop too:

  • "Fantastic Workshop! A great reminder to listen properly and give more constructive, positive feedback to my runners"
  • "It was great learning about active listening and feedback. I really enjoyed the informal atmosphere and relaxed talks with the other Leaders".
  • "The listening session was very interesting. I will try not to fill the silences!"
  • "The workshop was very thought provoking and highly relevant. Thank You!"
  • "It was really useful to hear other Leader's ideas and comments"
  • "I found the discussion on comfort zones and the benefits of moving out of them very interesting!"
  • "I will start considering all the different types of personalities in my Running Group".
  • "All the ideas shared by the Leaders were really useful.  I'm going to work on my listening skills!"
  • "Really interesting and helpful workshop. I hope to encourage more confidence in my runners and to listen better!"
  • "The workshop was delivered really well.  A good insight into how to welcome new runners, checking expectations and expanding group/personal goals"
  • "Thank you for organising another great workshop to help me lead groups more effectively".
  • "Another excellent and worthwhile workshop. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Lucy for organising!"

12th Run Kent workshop

Run Kent are already planning their next free workshop.  If you're a qualified Leader in Kent who'd like to attend and you're not currently involved in this local Run England programme, then why not get in touch with Lucy at

Click here if you're thinking about becoming a qualified Leader and setting up your own running group.

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