The LiRF experience


Triathlete in training James recently attended a LiRF course held in Eastleigh and wrote a blog on his experience.

At training with Lordshill Road Runners, the athletes indebted to those that deliver these sessions; the coaches and Run Leaders who often put their training on hold for an evening to help others. At Lordshill Road Runners they do so voluntarily.

For quite some time, James had been thinking of training as a Run Leader but never quite committed. However, late last year he decided that he’d stop procrastinating and sign up for the next Leadership in Running Fitness course which was being held at his local sports/leisure centre.

His blog goes on to describe what kinds of information, knowledge and exercises he gained during the one day course.  He finishes by stating, "Overall, the training was excellent. I’d recommend it to any club member who wants to do a little extra for the club. You don’t need to be super-fit (I’m not!), be one of the faster runners (I’m most certainly not!), know all about running technique and optimising performance (I don’t!), be the most popular member (I’m not!) or do more than help out in a group."

He continues, "I have come away from the course feeling really positive. I’m even considering taking the next step and taking the course to become a Coach in Running Fitness!"

Try it, you might just love it!

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