This Girl Can – launch of Sport England Campaign


The second week of January saw the launch of the Sport England ‘This Girl Can’ campaign with the first television advert premiering on Monday 12th January during Coronation Street.

Run England Groups can use This Girl Can as a way of building awareness of suitable opportunities that they offer for women to get involved in running for the first time.

With the advert launching, now is a great time for running groups to use social media to highlight the campaign and any activities you have that are suitable for women who have not been involved in running or athletics before, or who are returning after a break. For example, you can use the #ThisGirlCan hashtag when highlighting suitable activities or people who are examples of how your group has helped more women get involved in running. You may also want to share tips, advice and information on how people can get involved.

You can see the This Girl Can Twitter account at @ThisGirlCanUK and Facebook Page at  

Your group can now register as a This Girl Can partner, and for resources at Note that your application for registration will be reviewed by Sport England. For approval for your artwork please email Sport England at and allow five days. Any questions or concerns about the toolkit, please contact Sport England on the same email address and provide as much information as possible to enable them to help you


If you have a group website Sport England are inviting you to create your own This Girl Can webpage supporting the campaign and highlighting relevant opportunities.

Once you have signed up to receive the Toolkit, you should have all the assets you need to do this. This is not essential – but if you are pulling women towards your site, please do make sure there’s a suitable, friendly and engaging page that’s easy for them to find and which reflects the values of the campaign.

The This Girl Can website is at

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