Leicester club boasts 50% growth through Run England

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Leicester-based Beaumont Running Club has seen its membership grow by a whopping 50 per cent since the introduction of a beginners running group.

The long-established club has enjoyed much success over the years but of late has had a small, static but enthusiastic core membership – and at times putting out a full team has been a challenge.

Since its formation however, Beaumont RC Beginners has breathed new life into the club as experienced club runners jumped at the opportunity to welcome and support beginners.

Local events such as parkrun, which the club’s Run England-registered group has embraced, have been the ideal recruiting ground and numbers of the regular club have steadily increased as some ‘graduates’ of the beginners running group scheme have found themselves up for joining in with club members.

Now the club is fielding full strength teams and indeed record numbers in competitive events, socials are busier than ever and club membership has risen by 50 per cent in the year that it has been involved with Run England.

Club secretary Frank Lusk said: "We would strongly recommend it [setting up a beginners group] to any running club. Our latest scheme is even more subscribed so now we just need the anti-running weather to disappear quickly!"

For more information on Beaumont RC Beginners, click here.

New runners can find their nearest group at www.runengland.org/groups and join Run England for free to receive special member offers at www.runengland.org/join.

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