Set yourself a challenge this summer with The Magic Mile


Marathon Talk - the UK's number one running podcast - is setting running groups a free summer participation challenge of pitting themselves against the clock - whatever ability - over The Magic Mile.

The Magic Mile is a free running challenge pitting runners against the clock over the iconic distance of one mile, that's 1,609 metres as fast as possible. An event that brings together virtual and real life communities and is open to runners of all abilities.

Participants run their own mile (using a measured mile or a GPS mile) and submit their mile time via the Marathon Talk website, they can also run their mile solo, in their own time, on their terms, or with others in a specific Magic Mile event.

The 2013 competition period runs from Saturday the 24th of August through to Sunday the 8th of September and to add a little spice to the mix this year it's a battle of the sexes. Who runs the best mile? Men versus women.  

Historically it was a man who broke the four minute mile barrier and it continues to be men who run the fastest miles. But, what if everyone’s mile performances were age and gender graded? Who really runs the best mile? 

All times logged will be converted to an age graded percentage, an average is then calculated across that whole team, bonus points added for the highest participation rates and then that score is turned back into a real mile time for that team.

The Magic Mile is all about having fun, doing something different, experiencing running faster and getting involved. A mile for everyone. Give it a go!

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Run a Magic Mile between August 24th and September 8th 2013!

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Marathon Talk is the UK’s number 1 running podcast. Hosted and presented by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams the show is released every Wednesday for free via or iTunes.

The Magic Mile

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