New running group sets a great example


Consett running group started earlier this month after two members of running club Blackhill Bounders, attended a LiRF course and has proved a great example of how to go about setting up a running group.

New group leaders Mike Powell and Ian Young set plans in place after a meeting with the local Run England activator Sarah Beadle. They agreed on a time, venue and type of runners they wanted to attract, which was total beginners, anyone returning from injury and runners who had a break from running in general.

Posters and flyers were dotted around the local area to advertise the group in places such as the local leisure centre and swimming pool, church halls, toddler groups, local shops and garages. Mike and Ian also used Facebook, Twitter and the Run England website to promote the benefits of joining.

They felt it was important to stress they are both active members of a local running club but that the group was purely focused at beginners. Mike and Ian took advice from another group leader in the area – Mike Ketley who leads the Run Hunwick running group – when it came to organising their first session.

They were totally shocked to get 36 runners at their very first session and had to think quick and split the runners into groups. In the end it was a huge success and the group as a whole has been going now for a month, sticking with three groups at varying ability levels.

They’ve received great feedback from the 30 or so runners that turn up each time and with members already signing up for Race for life and the recently Sport Relief events they are very pleased  and satisfied group leaders!

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