New resources for group leaders


New resources for registered group leaders are now available to help them run and publicise their group.

These include a Run England disclaimer form which you should get your group members to fill out, a Group session register to help you record who has attended each training session and a document to help you to plan and record your sessions.

We are recommending that group leaders encourage all their members to register as members of Run England at This ensures we have their up to date contact details and that we will be able to contact them with the future newsletters and offers which they want to receive.

Other resources now in the Group leader section include

  • A downloadable Run England Poster that you can add details of your group to and print off
  • A generic Run England promotional poster
  • Our new 'Run England - Run at Work' leaflet which you can use if approaching workplaces or businesses about creating Run England running groups for them
  • Leadership in Running Fitness course promotional material to encourage others to become leaders and support the running of your group(s)
  • Stretches - suggested stretches for use with your group
  • 12 suggested sessions - sessions you can do with your group, including variations
  • Planning Cards x 4  - about creating a basic training plan


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