Run marked routes in your own time with 3-2-1


Run England 3-2-1 route markers have now gone on sale to local authorities, universities and colleges who will be able to use them to provide marked running routes in their areas.

3-2-1 is Run England’s programme which aims to make it easier for anyone to get running by providing a range of marked running or jogging routes across the country that anyone can have a go at.

Local organisers, such as local authorities or further education establishments, working in partnership with athletics clubs and Run England groups, can mark out routes that are 3, 2 and 1 miles, kilometres or laps – suitable target distances to provide a range of challenges for a range of individuals, regardless of age, fitness level, aspiration or background.

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The routes will be marked out with clear, reflective Run England 3-2-1 markers to allow people to have a go in their own time – whether it is with a friend in the morning before work or on an organised run in the evening with a running group – the measuring has been done and the markers are in place.

3-2-1 routes will be displayed in a ‘Route Finder’ section of Run England’s website where local organisers who have joined forces with the 3-2-1 programme will be able to promote their routes, and the general public will be able to find local 3-2-1 routes.

Geoff Wightman, project leader for Run England, said: “Run England aims to get the nation running, and this is another step that will make it easier for anyone and everyone to do so.

“The great thing about 3-2-1 is that it provides a challenge for anyone – whether you are looking to get round a kilometre loop, or if you are further on with your running and are aiming to improve your time over 3 miles.

3-2-1 (5)“Our Area Coordinators are already talking to a number of local bodies who wish to join in and I am excited to see the difference that this will make in local communities across the country.”

If you know of a good route then 3-2-1 is what you need to mark it out and provide an opportunity for people in your area to get more active.

Find out more about what Run England 3-2-1 has to offer and purchase a pack of markers at

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