60 seconds with a Run England Group Leader


In the first of our new ’60 seconds with...’ series, Run England Group Leader for the Activ8Running group in Doncaster David Camm, shared his experiences in running with us. His running group – which caters for everyone – meets at 6pm on Mondays and 9am on Saturdays at Morrison’s in Doncaster.

RE: Why do you run?
DC: I was in my mid-thirties with a sedentary job and a growing waist line when I asked myself the question – ‘do I want to be fit or fat at forty’? I resolved to get fit and run a Marathon when I was 40. I’ve never looked back since. Running has quite literally transformed all aspects of my life.

RE: What is your favourite place to run?
DC: Barnburgh Craggs. The run up to the Craggs is always a good workout and the views from the top stretch for miles down the Dearne Valley. Stunning in the early morning and late evening when the sun is low. Keep a look-out for the Monkeys!

RE: What has been your most memorable running moment.
DC: My first marathon – New York, running along Fifth Avenue into Central Park with about three miles to go. I was really struggling, but the crowds were just screaming at you to keep going. Very emotional. An amazing feeling when you finish and realise what you have achieved.

RE: What has been your funniest experience running?
DC: Getting beaten by a man dressed as a daffodil in the world’s first Kilomathon. He was just ahead of me all the way round – I just couldn’t catch him. Fair play to him.

RE: Biggest pet peeve with running?
DC: Dogs off their lead. ‘Don’t worry, it wont bite’ – yeah right. Lets just say – once bitten, twice shy.

RE: Favourite food to fuel your run?
DC: A slice of toast with peanut butter and jam.

RE: Running hero?
DC: Anyone that sticks at it and achieves something that they never thought was possible.

RE: Best advice for new runners?
DC: Take it very steady and increase training very gradually. You don’t notice the changes day-to-day, but then after a few months you look back and realise how much you’ve improved.

RE: Running ambitions?
DC: To help as many people as possible use running to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I’d also like to run a sub-3:30 marathon.

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