How To Find Your Running Pace

Why is knowing your running pace important? 
It is sometimes difficult to know how to find your running pace. Finding a pace that you feel comfortable running at for long distances will help improve how far you can run and your overall speed. Beginner runners often set off on their run far too quickly. This then slows them down at the end of their run. To find out our top tips for improving your running pace, read on below. 

How to find your running pace 
There is a simple way to know how to calculate your pace. Do what your teacher told you not to – talk out loud while running! Go out for a run with a friend or join one of our running groups and get chatting with someone. Even if you run on your own, put your headphones in and sing along. 
If you can comfortably talk the whole time, without stopping to catch your breath, then this is how to find your running pace. The best training plans usually involved about 80 per cent running at this speed. Charlotte Arter, parkrun world record holder, happily admits almost all her running is done at a chatting speed. 

Another way how to find your running pace is to try different paces during training cycles. How long you run and in what style will have a big impact in determining your pace. Once you have trialled and tested what works for you, it’ll be much easier to practice the same running style. And the more you practice, the more you’ll be able to build up your performance over time. 

Pace yourself! 
If you are just starting to learn how to find your running pace, it’s important not to over exert yourself. One of our key tips here is to pace yourself. Different running styles will require a different pace, so don’t run before you can walk! Pacing yourself is crucial if you want to maintain your energy consistently throughout the run.  

Improving your running pace 
If you are looking for tips for improving your running pace, then consider timing yourself while you run. Once you have found a comfortable speed to run at, see how quickly you cover a mile on average during your run. Knowing how quickly you run a mile is a great benchmark that you can slowly start to improve on as you get fitter! 

To find more tips for improving your running pace visit our tips and advice page. At RunTogether, we have helped thousands of people across the UK join local running groups. So why not get involved in a RunTogether group near you to find your chatting pace? For more information, get in touch with us.