You’re going at quite a pace!


Congratulations, and a big thank you to all our Run England members and group leaders! Just over six weeks into Run England there are well over 400 groups being led by qualified, insured and friendly leaders with more than 2000 individuals registered as members of these groups!

Run England project leader Geoff Wightman said, “The enthusiasm of everyone involve in the Run England project is fantastic. We are highly appreciative of the efforts of all our Group Leaders. The way that their work has helped support and encourage recreational runners and new beginners has been fantastic.

“What is clear is that group leaders and group members are not only getting fitter, they are also discovering that running brings a huge amount of fun and camaraderie.

“Over the next four weeks we will have new staff starting work on the project who will enable us to give more support to leaders and members, including through more regular website updates and our new member ebulletins.

“I’d encourage all group leaders to now ensure their members are all registered with us at to ensure we can work with them to help all Run England members, whether part of a group or not, to get as much support and encouragement as possible.”

If you have not yet registered your group for beginners or recreational runners you can do this at You can then benefit from leader resources as well as additional publicity for your work.


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