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It’s OK to admit that you’re not always leaping out of the front door with enthusiasm when it comes to doing exercise; the key is to find what will help you lace up those trainers on the days when you'd rather relax on the sofa...

The fact of the matter is, not all of us can find the motivation to run simply because we know that it’s good for us.

That’s why it can be really useful to find something that will encourage you to get off the sofa and into your running shoes. After all, even Olympic athletes would have to admit that they are motivated by the possibility of getting some bling at the end of a race!

The trick is finding something that works for you, something that will not just encourage you to go out and run once — but something that will encourage you to go out and run again, and again.

So, to get you started, we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to motivate yourself to get out there.

1. Reward yourself

Set yourself a goal and choose how you’re going to treat yourself once you reach it. The thought of a nice new pair of running shoes or a relaxing massage will act as an incentive on the days that you really don’t feel like it. See it as an investment in yourself!

Alternatively, you could build up your rewards over a period of time with bounts - an app that awards points for physical activity which can then be redeemed at retailers such as Starbucks and John Lewis. Happy shopping...


2. Raise money for charity

Sign up to an event such as Cancer Research UK Race for Life and you’ll have a reason to get out there for practise runs, knowing that all that effort is for a great cause. You could even encourage people to sponsor you on the condition that you’ll run a certain number of times a week to act as extra encouragement.


3. Join an online community

Online running communities give you a place to discuss your progress, ask questions and celebrate your achievements. Connecting with like-minded people online is great for motivation as you quickly find others on the same running journey. 

Our own RunTogether community are very active and supportive on Facebook and Twitter as are the ladies on the This Girl Can Run Facebook and Twitter pages. Many individual RunTogether Groups also have their own social media pages; you will find links on their group pages.


4. Look forward to enjoying some me time

Had a long, hard day at work? Think of your evening run as a reward — something that will make you feel better and give you time to think — rather than another chore to add to an endless to-do list.

We feel most motivated when we feel that we want to do something, not that we should. And remember, if you head out and after 10 minutes you really can’t take any more you have the option to turn around and go home safe in the knowledge that 10 minutes of exercise is still better than zero.

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