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Welcome to the home of RunTogether.

RunTogether provides fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone: whatever your ability or time availability. We believe running / jogging is more fun and easier to become part of your lifestyle when shared with others. Try one of our group runs to find out for yourself. #BetterTogether #RunTogether

Monday 29th March - We return to group running!

The day we have all been waiting for now for quite a while!

On Monday 29th March, we can return to group running and in doing so we can all once again enjoy the many benefits of group running: friendship, support, fun, inclusion, learning and development in a safer environment.

While social distancing rules still apply,; we hope you feel the same as we do and now can't wait to be part of RunTogether and running with more than one person; although we do suggest you do continue to run with your running buddy in your group!!

Welcome back everyone -- We are #BetterTogether -- We are #RunTogether.


#RunAndTalk applications open throughout April

Our #RunAndTalk programme has been created with the aim of improving mental health through running.

Applications are taken 4 times a year during application windows which will open for a month at a time. Affiliated clubs and RunTogether groups can apply throughout April 2021 to join #RunAndTalk and appoint Mental Health Champions to support mental health through running.

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Sport publishes updated safety guidance for runners and joggers

British Athletics have published updated safety advice for runners and joggers as well as suggested guidance for non-runners.

The advice was refreshed following some recent high-profile cases of harassment of athletes training in public areas.  The safety guidelines published are to support athletes, recreational runners and other sports people exercising in public to feel prepared for any eventuality.

Click here to find out more and read the guidance.


2021 RunTogether webinars

Future dates:


New Tips and Advice web pages

These include:

  • Tips from our Run Leaders
  • Training advice for beginner, intermediate and advanced runners.
  • Information on equipment and running gear.
  • Tips on helping your health and wellbeing.
  • Tips and interviews with expert runners.
  • Information on how to support runners with disabilities.

We aim to continue to update this section with new content and hopefully, stories and updates from you - our RunTogether community. 

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Weekly30 Run Challenge

With group running and mass participation events currently restricted, the Weekly30 Run Challenge gives individuals a perfect incentive to run on a weekly basis whilst also proudly representing their club and their sport.

Once registered, participants complete their weekly 30 minute run at any time on a Saturday or Sunday and then upload evidence of their run to OpenTrack. Both total distance and average distance contribute to overall league tables and weekly winners are also announced.

The Weekly30 Run Challenge for 2021 resets the 2020 challenge results so that competitors can see their scores count towards a new year!

Weekly30 podium for 2021 Week 16

RunTogether women
1. Sofia Poole (Notts Women Runners) 5722
2. Henny Scott (Notts Women Runners) 5348
3. Paula Simpson (Notts Women Runners) 5300

RunTogether men
1. Andrew Hodgson (ReadyrRun Eden) 5860
2. Kieron Mckenna (Mad Runners) 5695

RunTogether groups
1. MadRunners
2. Notts Women Runners

Click here for the full results from OpenTrack

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