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Welcome to the home of RunTogether

RunTogether provides fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone. Try one of our group runs today. #RunTogether

RunTogether at the National Running Show

Read how RunTogether was part of our Running Family at the National Running Show and Vinay Joshi represented RunTogether as a Run Leader Mentor, CiRF and recreational runner at the athlete Q and A session there.

What is RunTogether?

RunTogether is a social running programme, designed to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone and locally.

RunTogether believes that running/jogging is more fun and easier to become part of your lifestyle when shared with others in a running group.

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Find a RunTogether route near you

If you are looking for a new running route, why don’t you check out these RunTogether routes! Located all over England, routes range in distance from 1 to 5km (0.6 to 3 miles).


Become a Run Group Leader

If you're interested in becoming a Run Leader with RunTogether, we have training and support to help you through the process.


Find A Guide

As part of our commitment to making running accessible and safe for everyone, England Athletics (founders of RunTogether), in partnership with British Blind Sport, have developed a training and licence scheme for runners wishing to become guides and a national database of guide runners known as 'Find a Guide' to help visually impaired individuals search for, and contact, licensed Guide Runners to support them to run.


RunTogether in numbers