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Welcome to the home of RunTogether.

RunTogether provides fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone: whatever your ability or time availability. We believe running / jogging is more fun and easier to become part of your lifestyle when shared with others. Try one of our group runs to find out for yourself. #BetterTogether #RunTogether

Learning and getting together with Support Webinars

Our Support Webinars kicked off earlier this week with the first RunTogether 'All Things Digital' session. And the learning was all on sides!
Designed to help new and existing run leaders and group leaders better understand / have a refresh on our RunTogether digital platforms (website and Apps); the session was well attended and well received.

Read more and find out when the next ones are

Guidance Update - 14 September

The Government announcement effective 14 September results in NO CHANGE to Athletics and Running activities.

Click here to read statement.

New guidance to help our RunTogether community get back together

England Athletics has issued (4 August) social distancing guidance which includes rules for running groups, including RunTogether Groups.

In summary, our RunTogether group running can now take place in unlimited numbers IF your runs are within a Covid-19 secure environment*. Otherwise you can continue to run in groups limited to groups of 6 (1 leader to 5 runners). 

*A Covid-19 secure environment means in summary:
• Your group has a Covid Officer in place
• Your group complies with all other social distancing guidance
• Your group develops a risk assessment
• Your group must capture all participants contact details which can be shared upon request with the NHS test and trace initiative

...but please click here for further details.


It has always been the case and it still is the case that a RunTogether Run Leader can only train 12 people at one time. Multiple groups can be run if the requisite number of Leaders are present.

Social distancing and hygiene is still to be maintained. Click here for more information.

Weekly30 Run Challenge

Still not running enough because of the Government’s Covid-19 social distancing rules limiting our RunTogether group sizes? Well if so, we have an exciting new opportunity for you by way of a national virtual running competition called The Weekly30 Run Challenge. Fancy pitching your RunTogether group against another RunTogether group?

The Weekly30 Run Challenge is a free weekly virtual running challenge that encourages runners of all levels to compete each weekend whilst also enabling competition between RunTogether groups, England Athletics clubs and other sports.

Below you can see the latest winners, plus we are pleased to annoucen that at the moment (week 10) Notts Women Runners have run the most miles out of all competing RunTogether Groups AND England Athletics affiliated Clubs - a fantastic 2172046 miles!

Click here to find out more and register


Weekly30 Run Challenge Results for RunTogether

The latest results for our Weekly30 Run Challenge.

With group running and mass participation events currently restricted, the Weekly30 Run Challenge gives individuals a perfect incentive to run on a weekly basis whilst also proudly representing their club and their sport.

Once registered, participants complete their weekly 30 minute run at any time on a Saturday or Sunday and then upload evidence of their run to OpenTrack. Both total distance and average distance contributing to overall league tables.

The results are now in for week 14

RunTogether Women
Tasha Cook (Notts Women Runners) - 5869
Sofia Poole - Notts Women Runners - 5752
Many Proudlove (Notts Women Runners) - 5510

RunTogether Men
Ronnie Irwin (MadRunners) - 7300
Mark Hurst (MadRunners) - 7078
Mark Jeffery (Baswich Run4Fun) - 6920

RunTogether Groups
Heathfield Park Runners
Herts Girls Can

Running @home

As we all find ourselves responding to the challenge of spending more time at home and not being able to run as we would normally; England Athletics is expanding its’ campaign to support Athletics and Running for Everyone @home, with a focus on Running @home support and advice.

Please check back regularly as we will be updating this content. We will also be sharing this information via our social media platforms and our RunTogether e-newsletters, for those of you who have opted in to receive communications through your RunTogether registration.

Stay Safe!

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