From aspiring runner to run leader — Will's Story

Will Runtogether

One of the fantastic things about RunTogether is that it is suitable and welcoming to all. Will from Tingley RunFIT (TRF) in Yorkshire has certainly demonstrated that, initially beginning at the group as a runner alongside his mum. Will quickly settled into the Tingley RunFIT community and became the chief selfie taker, tech expert and even quiz question setter.

Fast forward to 2023, and Will has now been a proud member of the Tingley ‘crew in blue’ for over six years. He hasn’t stopped there, and recently at the age of 18 years and 24 days became the youngest licenced England Athletics Run Leader!

This was made possible by the incredible generosity of his fellow runners and leaders who surprised him by joining together to raise £190 and pay for the Leadership In Running Fitness qualification.

“It feels good to be able to give back to the people that have helped me come this far and especially those who came together to fund my course by giving them the sessions that will help them to improve and grow themselves as runners.

“That's a huge part of what Tingley RunFIT is all about, togetherness. One person's goal can quickly become a group effort. When one of our runners, Lynda, was training for the London Marathon, we all came together to run sections with her on training runs. When it was called off due to Covid, we all helped her along the 'not' London Marathon on what is easily one of the best TRF days ever.

"I think efforts like that are a true testament to what Tingley RunFIT is all about, it's not a running group it's a family.”

Becoming a Run Leader at 18 is a fantastic achievement for Will. However it is testament to his commitment and passion for the club and the supportive nature of his fellow runners who have shown such kindness to help him kickstart his journey.

We cannot wait to follow Will’s journey as he begins to lead his first couple of sessions in the coming weeks. Best of luck Will!

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