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First, some good news: we’re well beyond January 16! This is apparently the worst day of the year, and for two good reasons: your credit card bill appears, and it’s raining. So, it’s about now that the dedication needed for your new year’s resolutions begins to wane.

We recognise it is hard to keep that motivation going when it’s still cold, dark, and wet outside. Spring can seem a while away yet so it can be oh-so-tempting not to go running. But we’re here to help, give you some running tips and get you back on track to keep those all-important running resolutions burning bright.

Let’s Start With The Science – The Benefits Of Running

As we all know, it’s dark. This can make us feel a little down. Season Affective Disorder (SAD) is all about how your mood dips in the dark, cold weather.

Fortunately, the experts are on hand to tell you all about the benefits of running. Getting outside and exercising regularly greatly improves poor mental health.As well as being a good treatment for those diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

After all, we all benefit from the healthy glow and endorphin boost we get after a run.  With the right gear and friends in our running groups, exercising in winter can be as enjoyable as in warmer weather!

Running Tips - Give Yoga For Running A Whirl

Of course, if it’s really miserable outside then you’ll be excused if you don’t want to head out the door. But don’t just chill in front of the TV; instead, give yoga for running a go.

“It’s a fantastic skill to learn at this time of year,” says Gemma Naylor, running journalist and yoga instructor. “Running in general requires the body to be in an upright position with the spine lengthened."

The body’s ability to maintain a strong posture relies on the muscular structures around the spine. This is known as core stability, and this doesn’t change regardless of the surfaces or gradients that we are running on. The real challenge lies in maintaining our core stability on less secure, slippery, or uneven surfaces.

Yoga is all about getting stronger and having better mental clarity, as it aligns your mind, body, and soul. Fusing exercise with mindfulness, yoga for running is a great way to release any negative energy from your body and breathe in the new and fresh. It helps reduce stress, caused mainly by the disruption of sleep and the circadian rhythm, and promotes the production of happy hormones – a proven elixir for SAD.

Tune In While Running

The motivational power of music has never been in doubt, but there’s another way to kick start that enthusiasm – the podcast. Podcasts have become a crucial part of our everyday lives and now there are currently over 5 million podcasts to choose from. Chatting with a few individuals from our running groups, we were introduced to these*:

  • The Mindful Kind: Living a mindful and intentional life isn’t something that comes easy to many of us. This is why Rachael Kable – a mindfulness coach, author, and speaker – started her podcast in 2016. She covers a variety of topics including self-care, personal growth, and productivity. If life starts to feel a little too overwhelming, we recommend running a hot bath and popping this on the speaker.
  • The Wellness Mama: This weekly podcast series from award-winning blogger and author Katie Wells discusses holistic health, stress, sleep, fitness, toxins. As well as and other health tips to assist people in living happier, healthier lives.
  • The Growth Equation: A mix of news analysis, concrete tips, and interviews, this podcast is a must-listen for those interested in getting the most out of themselves. Instead of focusing on hacks or bro-science, performance running coach and bestselling authors Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness delve deep into what actually works. They use years of science, wisdom, and the experiences of the world's best.

*these are not specifically endorsed by England Athletics or RunTogether, but are suggestions from other runners.

More Running Tips And Advice

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