Wear your running story

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A glance at your wrist reminds you of everything you've achieved

Welcome to the world of NOTCH, whether you’re a couch to 5ker, parkrunner, club runner, trail runner, marathoner, or ultra-runner, NOTCH is the stylish, go-anywhere, achievement bracelet that tells your running story.

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We invited a select few England Athletics club runners to put NOTCH through their paces, and this is what they had to say….

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As a seasoned runner, I'm always on the lookout for ways to ramp up my motivation and style, and these charms delivered on both fronts with a sprinter's stride!

"It's like receiving a treasure chest filled with motivation gems! The sleek black box, adorned with the NOTCH logo, opens to reveal a world of endless possibilities."

The bracelet itself is a work of art. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's both durable and stylish. The adjustable strap ensures a snug fit, making it comfortable for long runs or casual wear. It's so comfortable that I often forget I'm wearing it until someone compliments me on it!

Now, let's talk about the real stars of the show – the charms, or Notches as they are known. NOTCH offers a wide variety of Notches, each representing a different running achievement or milestone. Whether you're celebrating your first 5k, a marathon PB, or just a great day on the trails, there's a charm for that.

What sets NOTCH apart is the inspirational value. Every time I glance down at my wrist and see those Notches, it's a reminder of how far I've come and how much further I can go. They're like little cheerleaders encouraging me to lace up my shoes and hit the pavement.

They're not just accessories; they're a symbol of your dedication and passion for running.

If you're a runner looking to add a dash of style and a helping of inspiration to your routine, look no further than NOTCH. They're a perfect blend of form and function, and they'll have you lacing up your running shoes with a smile every time.

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The stylish presentation tin instantly gives the impression that it is a well-made product that NOTCH take pride in. I like the build it yourself style of the Notches being presented loose in the tin, so you get to add the Notch to your bracelet. 

It’s a clean look that can be as bright and bold as you want it to be.

My achievements bracelet stands out as it’s full of colour with no 2 Notches the same colour next to each other.

My inspiration/motivation bracelet matches my Raceday/club kit. 

I run with my motivational one next to my watch and it just sits there nicely against the watch and doesn’t interfere with the watch functions. They’re so comfy for daily wear.  

In terms of fashion and matching my NOTCH with my outfits, I'm very much an active wear guy or jeans and a t-shirt, so my NOTCH goes with all my outfits. Though I have been known to turn up to a wedding with my Notch bracelet on my wrist and my running watch.  

The website is easy to navigate and find the races/events and if the event isn’t there, just ask NOTCH and they will create it for you.    

"I really like how you can pick and choose the colours so if you want a bracelet of all one colour or a pattern etc you can, and it can be totally unique to you.   I really like telling my running story from my bracelet when people ask me what they are, and I tell them what each one is."

You can really see your progress. I collect 2 notches at the end of each year with my total mileage and being a fell runner we like hills, so I get one with my total elevation gain for the year.  

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They've injected a whole lot of enthusiasm into my daily runs! From the moment I received the package, I knew I was in for a treat. 

The sleek black box, adorned with the NOTCH logo, had me excited right from the start. It felt like I was opening a present, and who doesn't love unwrapping presents? 

Inside, I found the NOTCH bracelet and the adorable charms neatly arranged. The bracelet itself is comfortable, lightweight, and adjustable, making it a perfect fit. It's designed to stay put during your most vigorous runs, so no more fumbling with my accessories mid-sprint! 

The Notches! Each one tells a story, a personal achievement, or a goal I've set for myself. The Notches are beautifully crafted and easy to attach to the bracelet.  

They add a pop of colour and personality to my wrist while reminding me of my running journey.    

"The best part? Every Notch carries a sense of accomplishment. Whether it's hitting a new distance record, achieving a personal best time, or conquering a challenging route, these little pieces of inspiration make my runs feel like milestones."

The NOTCH bracelet and Notches have added a sprinkle of fun, motivation, and personality to my runs.  

They're a fantastic way to track my progress and remind myself of what I've accomplished while keeping my eye on new goals.  

Plus, they make excellent conversation starters with fellow runners who are curious about the stylish additions to my running gear. 

So, if you're looking for a way to level up your running game and turn your achievements into wearable art, I highly recommend NOTCH running charms.  

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Wear your running story in style.

So, go ahead, charm your way to your next running goal!

Engraved with your own words, individual Notches are like charms, but better! Personalise yours with races run, finish times, personal bests, symbols, motivational phrases, or words that mean the most to you. 

NOTCH bracelets are made from durable sports cord, luxury Napa leather, or re-cycled OceanYarn®, for strength, softness, and sustainability. 

And with over 250 different colour and clasp combinations, it’s easy to create your own individual style. Perfect for the office, gym, training, chilling, or going “out, out!” 

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