Kukri Sports products start with YOU


Community spirit is what RunTogether is all about and without any doubt, being part of a team or group is a guaranteed way to help improve your fitness. Ask any of your running friends for proof!

And it’s also something that Kukri Sports - the official clothing partner for England Athletics - recognises when it comes to product design and development. Appealing to the running community and creating products that cater for your needs is vital for success and that includes performance, design and of course comfort!

“Kukri has spent the past 20 years developing products that give teams an identity to be proud of,” says Josh Beal, Kukri Sales Director for the UK and Europe. “For Kukri, a partnership is about engagement and supporting each individual through their sporting journey. Through encouraging lifelong participation, Kukri promotes the values of inclusivity, ambition and passion. We have a team ethos because we fully understand how good it makes you feel to be a member of a team or group.”

Product development

Kukri also perfectly understands the role the RunTogether community plays when it comes to product development and over the years have created testing groups up and down the country to find out exactly what you, a runner expects and needs from your running gear – namely it needs to look good at the right price point, which in turn makes you feel amazing.

“Our designers also look to current trends and work from that base for a lot of our apparel ranges,” says Josh, explaining that creating even what looks like a simple t-shirt involves a series of steps that starts with you, the runner before moving onto design, material, manufacture and testing – by runners like you.

Bespoke clothing for your RunTogether group

Kukri also stress that RunTogether is very important in this process and can get involved with in a variety of ways such as designing bespoke t-shirts that represent your own group.

The RunTogether community is massively important to both England Athletics and Kukri both of whom are keen to drive and improve the partnership. Right now, your very own RunTogether group can create its personal online shop with Kukri where you can buy clothes with your own bespoke designs and colour suggestions to really help work on that team bonding. And don’t forget, Kukri are very competitive in terms of price when it comes to creating your bespoke gear for your RunTogether companions.

“Again, it’s also important for us at Kukri to understand what people want from a piece of clothing and work to that,” says Josh. “We’ve said it once, but I want to stress, we know it needs to look good as well as perform! It could be you require a really technical piece of clothing or something more mainstream. The choice is yours.”

That’s why, for instance, Kukri travelled to Peterborough recently to chat with a group of runners. One had designed a logo for their group, so the team were keen to get that in place on the right type of gear. Did they want performance clothing or leisure wear… or both? Do you want to wear it to the pub as well or just run in it? All important elements when it comes to getting the right, comfortable, running clothing for you.

Advances in fabric technology

Runners have quickly understood the importance of performance apparel when it comes to training and just generally feeling better about that last 5km. “We’ve spent the past 20 years creating a confidence in our kit because of its fit and its ability to perform in any conditions,” explains Josh. Fabric technology has developed almost beyond recognition in that time, but what is clear is that it plays an ever-increasing role in your own running, helping in everything from moving easier thanks to advances in fit to regulating temperature due to its breathability. The state-of-the art technology the Olympics has just showcased is ready for you right now!

Heritage and future

“We partner with the England Commonwealth Games team amongst others,” Josh explains, Birmingham 2022 promises to be very exciting – a case of watch this space in terms of the teamwear you can expect to see.

Kukri has also signed up to help the country’s next Olympians as they progress through the age groups. The Youth Talent Programme (YTP) will help the best young athletes as they move along the tricky path to international success and Kukri is keen to be involved not least because it’s a great way of understanding what you, the runner, needs from your kit.

“Our heritage has always been about that. We’re passionate, experienced and professional and try incorporate what you, the runner needs into every design decision!”

*To set up your own RunTogether shop where you can create your group’s individual needs go to runtogether.co.uk/online-store.

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