The truth and nothing but the truth from Sue Bennett


Many of you know our wonderful Run Leader Sue Bennett*. Sue is one of our new Kukri Kit Ambassadors and she has been trialling the kit for her own use and with her group which now has over 100 members with different levels of ability.

In a communication soon to reach you from Kukri, Sue will be sharing in detail her and her groups’ experience of ordering and using kit.

Sue's experience of using Kukri for her group's kit

In an interview with Kukri and the RunTogether team, Sue’s feedback covered: design options, range of clothing items, quality, why her group is ordering the kit and the order process. Sue’s testimonial is honest, open and very helpful to RunTogether HQ – even though we have a few things to do even better going forward!

A quick preview of Sue's feedback shows:

  • Price is a key concern, especially in these times. But we recognise the high quality, suitability and wearability of the Kukri kit. The kit is perfect for running and in all British weathers.
  • We are passionate about being a group of runners, hence why we are part of RunTogether, so to be able to show we are a group and reflect our name (as this says what we are about) and our style by the design of the kit is fantastic.
  • The order process is straight forward and helps our new kit coordinator to support our runners efficiently.

Who's Sue?

*For those of you who don’t know her and live near to Newbury, Berkshire, Sue is very kindly making herself available so you can get to know her, as part of her additional RunTogether role as a Run Leader Mentor.

Sue Bennett

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