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Stay Motivated This Winter

DW Fitness First share their tips...

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness beginner, we all get tempted to skip out on our plans in the winter months, especially when it’s dark and cold. To help you stay motivated, our partner DW Fitness First has put together a list of helpful tips and advice to keep you on track and chase away the winter blues. 


Are you ready for January?

With Christmas nearly upon us and some members of our RunTogether community going away on holiday; this is a polite reminder to get your January sessions set up as soon as possible.

Especially as we'll be doing a marketing recruitment campaign starting in the New Year. We wouldn't want you to miss out on new runners joining your group.

That said, you are doing a great job creating fun, friendly and supportive sessions already and we are so proud of the work you do!



The National Running Show 

Come and join The National Running Show in January for the UK’s biggest independent running expo!

With over 20 speakers, including Paula Radcliffe, Roger Black, Iwan Thomas, Jo Pavey, Mara Yamauchi, and a wide range of feature areas including 3D Gait Analysis, MSK Clinic, Podiatry Clinic, Running Skills Theatre, The Test Track, and many more, this event can’t be missed!

It’s not too late to claim your free ticket for the Show. Click THIS LINK and use code EA100 


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England Athletics supports campaign for children's #RIGHTTOBEACTIVE 

England Athletics and RunTogether are proud to be one of the first sporting organisations to proactively approach the Sport and Recreation Alliance to support its #RightToBeActive campaign, which asks all of society to join the call for government to embed the fundamental right of all children to be active into policy, regulations and legislation.

The campaign aims to place a child’s right to be active on the same footing as their rights to education, shelter and nutrition. The benefits of being physically active are huge, yet shifts in society can mean that children don’t have the same exercise habits as previous generations.

England Athletics is passionate about ensuring children have the opportunity to learn and practice running, jumping and throwing. These are fundamental skills and are really important foundations to a fulfilling and active life. 

So we are asking the England Athletics family including RunTogether groups to help spread the word about this important initiative by simply signing the Alliance’s petition and to share it with others to help the Sport & Recreation Alliance reach its initial target of 10,000 signatures. 


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Inspiration goes both ways as Jessie Pavelka visits RunTogether #SeptemberGoals winners

Last month we announced our #SeptemberGoals winners: Hamstreet Runners (Hamstreet, Kent) and So Let's Go Running (Bexley). To congratulate our winners and to present their medals; RunTogether sent along the one and only Jessie Pavelka.  

To view many more heart-warming and inspiring photos and quotes from the day, you can check out the groups' own social media.  But here's a selection below. 


GROUP OF THE MONTH: Running To Be With Each Other 

This group based in Chorley, does what it says on the tin, they run to be with each other, embodying key values of a RunTogether. The group focus on maintaining their distance and not concentrating on pace. Lucy Seddon one of the Run Leaders who nominated the group, said ‘we don’t want to be the next Mo Farah we just want to have a run, have fun & have friends’. This group has been set up especially to help people gain confidence and that we think is one of the many reasons why they deserve to win this month’s title. We also love the motto they use: ‘a mile is still a mile whether it’s a fast 6 mins or a nice steady 18 mins,. A  mile is still a mile’. 

If your group host supportive sessions and Run Leaders use the  App to #BookCheckInRun send us your group nominations (with some fab photos). Email

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We're growing in numbers!